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America and Liguilla are full of revenge

America and Liguilla are full of revenge

The Águilas defeated Pachuca, their Liguilla opponent, but still have outstanding scores with Chivas, Rayados and Cruz Azul.

America They defeated Pachuca, the team that had previously eliminated Azulcrema in the CONCACAF Champions Cup and which boasted a final-stage advantage over Aguilas. Now, in the semi-finals, he will be his opponent Chivas, the team that achieved two consecutive victories over the Feathers in Liguilla. Moreover, in a hypothetical final, there is another rematch against Monterrey or a final with Cruz Azul.

America He achieved the final elimination against Pachuca with a victory in the quarter-finals of the 2024 Conclave. Now he has the opportunity to avenge the two recent falls that he suffered in front of him. Chivas In the Liguilla, and could take revenge if Monterrey, the team that won the inaugural 2019 tournament, advances.


America He reached the quarter-finals of the final tournament in 2024 and history was against him. In addition to the recent elimination to Tuzos in the semi-finals of the CONCACAF Champions Cup, Hidalgo’s side boasted a superior lead over Aguilas in the French League, with five wins and only one victory for the feathered team.

The Agelas team lost its dominance against Pachuca last Saturday. In the first leg of the quarter-finals, which was held at Hidalgo Stadium, the score ended in a 1-1 draw. In the second leg, the Tuzos led on the scoreboard with both Osama Al-Idrissibut in extra time, Julian Quiñones seemed to make it 2-2 on aggregate and, through his position in the overall table, gave America a pass to the semi-finals.

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America He should have balance on his side when it comes to straight elimination duels against him Chivas In Liguela. The Águilas have won five of the eight times they have met in the big event, while Guadalajara has only three wins, but two of those were clearly in a row the last time they faced each other.

A series of victories Chivas on America The match began in Liguilla in the quarterfinals of the Apertura 2020, an unforgettable series for the Chicotazos. Christian Calderon scored the only goal in the first leg at Akron Stadium. In the return match, which was actually played at the Aztecs, Chicot finished with a brace, while Henri Martin scored a goal for Aguilas, who lost 1-3 on aggregate.

The last time America And Chivas They faced each other in Lijuela, it happened a year ago, in the semi-finals of the 2023 Conclave. Aguilas led 0-1 in the first leg. In the second leg, the team lost Alvaro Fidalgo due to the sending off, an absence that affected them and they lost 1-3, leaving the overall score 2-3 in favor of the Rojiblancos, who later lost the final to Tigres.

Potential competitors if you advance to the final


He would be the perfect competitor for America The Liguilla will close full of vengeance. Monterrey and Aguilas have met six times in the Grand Prix, with the Feathers winning two and the Rayados four victories.

Perhaps the most memorable encounter between these two teams came in the final of the 2019 inaugural tournament, where Monterrey won on penalties after drawing 3-3 on aggregate during 180 minutes and extra time.

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Blue cross

The virtual final against Cruz Azul will become a chance for revenge for the Machine. America They have won five of their six direct elimination matches against the Celestials, including the last two times they have faced each other, which were specifically to determine the champion of Mexican soccer.

First time that America They won the final against Cruz Azul in the 2013 Final League, in a match in which the team lost the title in the last two minutes of the encounter, which was decided in favor of Águilas on penalties. At Apertura 2018, the capital’s teams faced each other again and the feathered teams won again.