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“Glad to be out of hell, out of the Castro extermination camp.”

“Glad to be out of hell, out of the Castro extermination camp.”

Cuban musician and opposition figure Gorky Aguila Carrasco He finally left Cuba and arrived in Mexico on Monday, several days after his arbitrary arrest at Havana airport by State Security, which prevented him from traveling.

I’m glad to be out of hell, out of the Castro extermination camp.“, were the first words of the singer of the rock band “Porno” to Ricardo after arriving at the international airport in Mexico City, in what seemed to be a flight without return.

“They made me suffer enough to not remember that I will never come back, but this is my land,” the artist confirmed in a video clip. The video was recorded and uploaded to Facebook By Czech director and photographer Hana Jakarlová.

They uprooted me from my land, but not from the roots.Aguila warned. “There are my roots… This is my homeland, this is my country, where I live my dead, where I made my project.”

In her post, Jackarlova celebrated the musician’s arrival on Mexican soil: “Better late than never: Gorky Luis Aguila Carrasco is free!”, and recalled that she was able to leave Cuba on the second attempt, because “the first time there was the police” and he was not allowed to board. To the plane and arrest him.”

“Stay tuned for our documentary Gorky always. We were filming the last years of Gorky’s life in Cuba, and planned to follow him into his forced exile. “Freedom for Cuba!” The director said.

Facebook Capture / Hana Jakarlova

The singer was arrested on May 3 by the political police of the Cuban regimeAfter being banned from flying to Mexico, the trip was allegedly “regulated,” an official term used by authorities to prevent Cubans from traveling freely outside the country.

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After officials from the Cuban Ministry of the Interior’s Directorate of Identification and Migration informed him of their “immigration list,” Aguila protested the arbitrary decision and was immediately arrested by the regime’s repressive agents.

The artist was detained for more than 24 hours at the Santiago de Las Vegas police station near the airport. During that period, Aguila, who suffers from epilepsy, was detained without his medication and without food.

Before his release on the night of May 4, They imposed a fine of 2,000 pesos on the false contempt charge..

Artists and human rights organizations demanded his immediate release.

Gorky Aguila (Havana, 1968) is the author of an anthology of rebellious themes that characterized Punk rockLike Cuban Leaderdedicated to the dictator Fidel CastroAnd Sneaky communist“, addressed to the Minister of Culture Albedio Alonso Grau.

Moreover, he is an outspoken activist against the totalitarian Cuban regime, for which he has been subjected to numerous arrests and has been a victim of constant repression by state security, through threats and censorship.