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Edwin Castro: New Powerball Millionaire Leaves Bank Safely |  USA |  USA |  nnda nnlt |  composition

Edwin Castro: New Powerball Millionaire Leaves Bank Safely | USA | USA | nnda nnlt | composition

At the beginning of 2023, Edwin Castro’s name is one of the most popular worldwide. A Hispanic citizen living in California (USA) changed his life when he earned 2 billion dollars. Powerball. Since then, much has been said about him, although his identity remains largely unknown. Several weeks later, he was spotted for the first time since becoming a millionaire.

It was November 2022 During the popular lottery America He raffled off a $2 billion jackpot. Although many people bought his ticket hoping to win big money, the name Edwin Castro Started hearing after three months Powerball He was officially declared the undisputed winner of the jackpot.

It’s him Hispanic citizen hit 5 balls And the ball Powerball This allows you to take home all the money. Since then, many people want to meet him and know what he looks like after becoming a millionaire.

Powerball is the most popular lottery in the US (Photo: AFP)

What would Edwin Castro’s life be like?

Edwin Castro He became a famous person after winning the In Millionaire prize Powerball of 2 billion dollars.

Buying some property, getting listed Forbes And with many movie and music artists as neighbors, the Hispanic enjoys his life to the fullest.

Where was Edwin Castro found after winning the lottery?

He was seen leaving Chase Bank He April 26 Step, carrying a fat envelope of money .

The billionaire, according to the newspaper, was wearing a T-shirt Under love With a zipper, as well as joggers and summer sandals.

Who was Edwin Castro seen with?

Edwin Castro He was not alone in the bank and on the street as he was accompanied by his security team which was hired to guard his steps. .

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For his part, The happy winner drove away in his Porsche 911 worth $250,000. He also mentions that another person accompanied him in a not so modern car.

More people try their luck at the Powerball lottery (Photo: AFP)

How much money did Edwin Castro win in the lottery?

According to , Edwin Castro will only charge 628.5 million dollars of the gift of 2 billion dollars Because you have to pay state tax.

This situation occurs after the lucky winner decides to collect their prize in a single payment 997.6 million dollars.

That is, in 997.6 million dollars Man has to pay taxes and only he has 628.5 million dollars.

What is Powerball?

He Powerball It is a lottery game America It can be found here Its 44 statesIn addition to the District Colombia, Puerto Rico And this Virgin Islands.

Note that the minimum jackpot is Powerball 40 million dollars. When there is a winner, he can choose whether to pay in 30 annuities or in cash, taking into account tax and legal costs.

Tickets cost 2 dollars and 3 dollars if you want to play Power game. You can access the page to see the new prize pool and the most recent winning numbers .

Powerball, the lottery that attracts millions of dollars (Photo: AFP)