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Eduardo Yaniz faces Martha Figueroa, why do you love me?

Eduardo Yaniz faces Martha Figueroa, why do you love me?

In one of the last broadcasts of the show ‘Excuse me’ They had as a special guest one of the most controversial men in the middle of the show, Eduardo YanizWho took the opportunity to counter Martha Figueroa: “Tell me one thing, why do you love me?”

The driver immediately replied: “No, I love you well, I do not love you at all. I swear to God.”

Before Yaniz answered without “poetry on the tongue continued”: “One day on a program I saw that you comment that I was always in a bad mood and one night I saw you again, I said to you and it was not required:” Why are you saying that I am always in a bad mood? ” And don’t you know me? “

Immediately, Figueroa did not adhere to the silence: “If I had said it with that tone, he came with some shouting in his boss’s house on Christmas and I said: The President, the President, Eduardo Yániz wants to kill me,” he said: “Why do you always say I’m in bad shape? ‘Well that’s why. Alberto was getting like this and holding my hand, I told you the other day that we had mutual friends.’

Plus, the host of “Hoy” stressed it even flattering him.

“It seemed unbelievable to me that you got angry, you came like a devil and even Pepilo went there, I told you a great compliment and then got angry because we came from an interview that Aurora Valley gave you, where I was, I answered and that was when I said, ‘Look how nice it is to see him in the mood. good”.

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Despite Martha’s arguments, the series’ hero assured that he is always in a good mood.

I saw the person with your partner smacked, and where I stood they asked me, (Martha Figueroa) said, “Yanase is always in a bad mood,” I’m always in a good mood.

Finally, Martha repeated that she does not like Eduardo: “From that to that, I do not love you, no, everyone who appears on TV loves us. I still say to him:“ We have mutual friends ”which is:“ So what? ”And I’m fine, no I say anything. But zero, I don’t like you. Thank you Albertano who took care of me because Pepillo ran out and left me. “

Eduardo Yaniz faces Martha Figueroa