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Alberto Del Rio and the Hell he lived when he was sued for ex-Paige

Alberto Del Rio and the Hell he lived when he was sued for ex-Paige

the fighter Alberto Del Rio It still carries the heavy clay pots it was meant to be Reported in 2020 by his ex-partner, Paige, In the United StateAnd of course kidnapping and sexual assault, a situation that was finally clarified, although it left a lot of havoc for the fighter.

Jose Alberto Rodriguez ChocoanHe made it clear that it was difficult to see how his sporting achievements had collapsed due to the accusations, even though he accepts that everything arose out of a mistake he made with his ex-partner, because he was loyal and unleashed all Hell. .

I went from a wrestling icon, the pride of Mexico, to being considered a criminal. “I am completely innocent of those horrific accusations against me,” said Potosino, in an interview with Hugo Saninovic, during a Facebook post on the Lucha Libre Online account.

The wrestler explained this The situation is resolved Within weeks since his ex-wife withdrew the charges in the US judiciary, despite having remained silent to block judicial investigations.

“After all this scandal and she was accused of what she was accused of, The charges were dropped a few weeks later. Although I was eager to tell the world that my ex had dropped the charges, I was not allowed to do so in order not to interfere with the case we are dealing with here in San Antonio, Texas.

He dropped the charges, not only did he drop them, but he had the courage to speak to the authorities and She told them she was accused of domestic violence, but there was no kidnapping at any time Because we have lived together for a long time and That there was no sexual assaultHe, that these ridiculous rumors, about my attempt to influence his young son Matthias, the boy was not even at home. “

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Grateful to his father Dos Carras

The ‘styleHe did not hesitate to show his gratitude to his legendary fighter father Dos Carras, As he said this was always a great support to solve the bad time he was going through.

“ Thank you for so many years of affection and love, to my adorable little manager, Dos Caras, to my dad, my old man watching this interview who always told me when I had two hundred and seventy pounds in blues: Rise up bastard because you are my son and I have raised you to be the greatestGet up because you are not done yet and they are waiting for you there. Old pimp I love you with all my heart. “