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What happened to Anna Patricia Rojo, the gorgeous sinister novel?

What happened to Anna Patricia Rojo, the gorgeous sinister novel?

Suddenly strange that some of the characters appeared eternal on the screen, Suddenly it disappears from them, sometimes without explanation, Which leaves a gap in the viewers. The case of Anna Patricia Rojo is one of those.

Attractive since she was youngIn the 1980s and 1990s, Anna Patricia began her career at the age of five, was an iconic character on Televisa, where she practically grew up in front of the cameras, and belonged to the acting dynasty: the daughter of the famous actor Gustavo Rojo And a former Miss Peru Carmen Stein Super niece Robin Reed s Petuca from ForondaAnd the granddaughter of the writer Mercedes PintoHis film debut was in ‘Palinck KingsHe has not since looked back.

His soap opera debut was in a small role in ‘I’ll honor you‘, next to Irma Lozano Later, Ernesto Alonso included her in the cast. ”At the end of the rainbow(The only series to star in the popular video Olga Briskin). From there, she participated as little Flora in a telephone theater, and she adapted to the terrifying classic.Another development‘ With Angelica Aragon, And in ‘Games of destiny‘, With Rossio Banquels It later rose to continental fame LilianaGhost Girl, some seasons.Hex, The popular horror series that marked an era in Mexico, and as a teenager, he reached a height of nearly 1.80, appeared next to Daniela Romo On ‘The secret way And in ‘Sweet challenge ‘ With Adela Noriega, In the controversial role of Mirta Miranda, a petty boarding school student who was addicted to alcohol.

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Throughout her career, Rojo, now 46, has acted in 28 TV series, highlighting her gruesome role Imperia Campuzano de la Cruz in ‘Maria Jose ‘ (Although I was only possessing He was 21 years old when he played this roleBeing so young, which is what became his signature) and Penelope Linares in “Maria La Del Barrio” with Thalia (With whom he starred in some of the most amazing fight scenes in the fiction.) As it appeared in ‘Esmeralda,I live for Elena, With Victoria RuffoHe was a villain. “Drip of love, Made life squares l Daniela Ido in ‘Angel Face’She has appeared in several other television productions.

His only leading role Sign him in an emergency situation in the series.Wooden woman, Which he entered into the title role when Edith Gonzales She left the night due to her pregnancy, and Emilio LaRosa called her right away. Although he did a great job, as is his habit, he didn’t have the expected effect and the telenovela was cut off and never shined again, It is a shame.

However, since 2019, Anna Patricia has moved away from TV series and TV sets because she has been vetoed by the TV network she has worked for for decades and who has had an exclusive contract with her. Televisa decided not to renew his exclusive contract in 2017 and after that, It was also revealed by various media outlets in the country, She used her veto to appear on the shows in February 2018 Eva Club s Sweating, Each of Azteca TV, The main competition.

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After losing her uniqueness, she moved away from the artistic environment and has two young daughters to raise, She decided to stay out of sight. It was his last television appearance in the series SirNot GuzmanIn 2019, she played the role of the character’s mother Eric Elias (Again in a character he was just too young for.) Since then he has not been involved in another small screen project, So his followers wonder what he is doing now.

During an interview for the show program First hand, With Gustavo Adolfo Infante s Monica Nogueira, The actress has admitted that she is currently working; As a result of these changes in your life, And in full The epidemic caused by the covidAnd the The actress decided to partner with a Brazilian company that specializes in selling personal care products Such as juices, slimming creams and All about losing weight and managing it.

Anna Patricia stated that she is happy to be able to do herself on something that helps people improve their health and self-esteem, and indicated that she is still active on the program. ‘No tapugues’Who is transmitted through Facebook Live It appears in conversations with other characters. But he emphasized that once his daughters grew up somewhat and in classes, He does not rule out a return to acting.

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