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Edomex Science Scholarship 2022: How To Apply For Aid 2500 Pesos Bimonthly

Edomex Science Scholarship 2022: How To Apply For Aid 2500 Pesos Bimonthly

(Photo: Graciela López/Cuartoscuro)

Mexico State Government stated that the deadline for request Edomex Scholarship.

The program targets students of the entity who are studying The first or second year of a Bachelor’s degree, In any of the following strategic areas: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, medical and health sciences, biotechnology, agricultural sciences or engineering.

Assistance consists of financial support from 2500 pesos every two months, which will be delivered within a period of one to four months, provided that the interested party fulfills the responsibilities set out in the contact document – for example, maintaining Average minimum eight.

“[La beca] Its purpose is to contribute to social and economic improvement through financial support that enhances the training and professional development of students attending a period corresponding to the first two years of their undergraduate studies at public higher education institutions.”

The online application has been completed and the class will remain open until the next day Thursday, March 17, 2022. Results will be announced from April 25th. We tell you everything you want to know.

What are the requirements?

Be a resident of the State of Mexico.

You must be under 25 years old. Do not exceed this age on December 31, 2021.

To be enrolled in school studies Bachelor’s degree in a public institute Higher education (the first two years of the study programme).

– Owns Minimum 8.0 GPA In the level or academic year immediately preceding it, be a regular student and owe no subject.

Not to be a direct beneficiary of any Federal, state or municipal social development program or scholarship that provides financial support.

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To be a postgraduate student in strategic areas of Mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, biotechnology, agricultural sciences, engineering, medical and health sciences, in school periods corresponding to The first two years of the study programme.

Submit the required information to the extension, link, or academic coordination area of ​​the undergraduate program and/or the area authorized to apply to applicants from the institution in which they are enrolled.

(Photo: EFE/Sáshenka Gutiérrez)
(Photo: EFE/Sáshenka Gutiérrez)

How do you apply for the scholarship?

Those wishing to register in the program must apply online through the website https://comecyt.edomex.gob.mx/ciencias-edmex. Upon completion of registration, you will have to attach a series of documents in PDF format. It must be legible and weigh no more than 2 megabytes.

– required documents:

1. A valid official ID with a photo, the unique code of the population registry, address in the state of Mexico or passport.

2. In case Underage students You must submit:

a) Birth certificate.

b) A valid official identification proof of the mother, father or guardian.

c) A valid accreditation with a copy issued by a public higher education institution.

3. Unique Population Register Code (CURP).

4. Proof of address.

5. Official certificate with qualifications.

6. Proof of registration.

7. Application log (form D): This format will be downloaded from the online scholarship system once the application registration is complete.

You can refer to all document specifications required in the call document, by clicking this link. At this address, you can also check all the details of the procedure to apply for the Edomex Science Grant.

To complete your registration you have until Thursday, March 17, 2022. Effective April 25, results will be published in Comecyt . site.

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In case of doubt, you can write to the e-mail [email protected], or call (722) 319 00 09 to 15, ext. 117.

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