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The Plaza de las Ciencias opens its doors with a new sports, educational and cultural proposal

The Plaza de las Ciencias opens its doors with a new sports, educational and cultural proposal

Parque de la Independencia is increasingly on the city’s agenda, growing exponentially in terms of the possibilities it offers Rosario, Rosario and visitors. Within this framework, Plaza de las Ciencias, located in Oroño and 27 de Febrero, is open Monday through Friday from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm for 3×3 basketball, football, tennis and walking line, with admission free. To these proposals organized and drawn up by the Municipality of Rosario, through the Minister of Sports and Tourism, various sports, educational and cultural activities have been added, with the aim of the neighbors continuing to allocate public spaces.

The Plaza de las Ciencias is a renovated venue that is part of the legacy of the South American Youth Games, improving its facilities for the international sporting event that has attracted more than one million visitors, adding a venue to the former countryside, to the Independence Hippodrome and Jorge Newbery Municipal Stadium , where its infrastructure for the aforementioned sports competition has also been reworked.

In addition, they are incorporated into the traditional cultural spaces of the park such as the Museum of the City and the Lake, the Regional Historical Museum of Rosario Dr. Julio Marc, the Children’s Garden, the Castagnino Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of the City and the Rose Garden, among others.

Managed by the municipality’s Department of Community Sports, the Plaza de las Ciencias opens up new possibilities in the Parque de la Independencia, a strategic point of the city that has been historically designated by the residents of Rosario, as well as by those who visit the city, for its benefits as an ecological lung as well as a place Symbolic of meeting, recreation and leisure.

The infrastructure of the plaza consists of a strip of bathrooms, changing rooms, a 3×3 basketball court and the Parque Independencia Pavilions, which is the work of Rafael Iglesia, the most famous and international award-winning architect from Rosario in recent decades, where the Rosario National University (UN) will display the (United Nations) agenda Important educational.

Among the main initial activities of the renovated space are the busy Zumba classes that take place every Sunday under the Calle Recreativa. Given the important call for this initiative, efforts are underway to extend the square’s opening hours to Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

In contrast, the 3×3 basketball court is used by referees from Asociación Rosarina de Básquetbol (ARBB), who carry out the practical aspects of training twice a week.

Table tennis is also slated to be added to the pool of proposals and 3×3 basketball tournaments will be held in October, one for the pre-university class and the other for the university. In this sense, the sports space will be available so that registrants can use it for training.

Meanwhile, Slackline School has already started operating every Wednesday from 4-7 p.m. It is a balanced sport in which a flat belt is used, which is usually nylon or polyester. This tape is clamped between two fixed points, usually trees, and is tightened, though not completely.

In turn, there is a program of recreational and sports activities under development, as well as an investment project by the United Nations so that courses and workshops related to academic training on real estate are developed, in the context of linking with different sciences.

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