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Ecosystem of well-being and happiness

Ecosystem of well-being and happiness

Thanks to the space that La República has provided me all these years, I have achieved a good level of discipline to investigate various topics that include topics of corporate well-being and happiness. The research conducted in several companies and the surveys conducted have allowed me to share their results with you through my new book, An Ecosystem for Corporate Well-Being and Happiness. The work has two purposes, described in three parts.

The first goal you’ll find in Part A of the book, where I’ll accompany you step-by-step to create your own ecosystem of wellness and happiness in the company. The process of creating an ecosystem ranges from what an ecosystem is to how indicators are created.

The second goal is to create positive infection leaders, which you will find in Part B of the book. In this section, I will share with you the scientific theories behind the concepts of happiness (Dr. Seligman’s PERMA), resilience (Dr. Karen Reivich), and determination (Dr. as well as a checklist of skills that leaders of positive infection should possess, acquire or develop.

Finally, Part C, as a supplementary, but of great importance and relevance. Create happiness indicators, through which we will first see the different types of measurements, until finally we give them step-by-step and recommendations so that they can construct their own measures of happiness. More than creating an environment of well-being for employees of the company itself, the book is a tool for creating leaders for positive contagion.

As a book on well-being and happiness, the topic of the digital world cannot be stopped, which I present as an additional chapter, as it is the topic on which I conduct the first investigations. It is no secret that technology can make us very happy or unhappy. Proper use, or better yet, having a digital education is not a luxury but a necessity that should become part of a healthy lifestyle.

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The ecosystem of corporate well-being and happiness is a smart strategy in which companies can achieve effective and positive leadership, strengthen work teams, as well as obtain tangible results in the process. This ecosystem can create positive leaders of infection, but in turn, leaders of positive infection can create this new ecosystem. This is why the benefits are brought to everyone by creating these leaders in companies, cities, and families. I have identified a positive Infection Leader as a human being trained in seven specific skills, which will here be called the Seven Keys to the Heart of a Positive Infection Leader. As we explained before, some people are fortunate to be born with them, but it is also possible to develop them during life or in the company. The point is, these skills are like muscles that require constant practice. These seven keys or skills for positive infection leaders are: Self-knowledge, Communication, Relationship, Resilience, Determination and Achievement, Leader as Coach, Goal or Full Heart.

For this reason, they are warmly invited to launch the book on May 7 at 7 PM on the YouTube channel Pilar Ibáñez, so they can get first-hand information on how to feel happy and how to create a good ecosystem – going. We can all change the world by changing our lives, we just have to have intention.