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Dr. Natalie Milan - Zeta

Dr. Natalie Milan – Zeta

The award was received by the Research Professor at the College of Marine Sciences L’Oréal-UNESCO-AMC Scholarships for Women in Science. It’s the first time an academic from UABC has received this recognition

Dr. Natalie Milan Aguinaga, Research Professor in the School of Marine Sciences (FCM) of the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC), received the award on October 13. Scholarships for Women in Science L’Oréal – UNESCO AMC.

Milan is a native of Sinaloa parents from Ensenada, I graduated by profession oceanography, in 2016 I joined the UABC School of Marine Sciences as a researcher, a year later I heard the announcement of the award and applied for the first time in 2020.

She is also the coordinator of the UABC coastal oceanography master’s and doctoral program and in 2020 she was selected by the program. Coming home bound To be part of the leadership program for women around the world, with the aim of empowering them and being part of the decision-making of their countries.

the prize L’Oreal, awarded since 2007 for women in the field of exact sciences by the Mexican Academy of Sciences, L’Oreal Mexico and the Mexican Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO (CONALMEX), which aims to promote the participation of women in science to carry out advanced scientific studies. It is a scholarship for young women, under the age of 40, who have completed their PhD within five years.

With his project on the genomic and pharmacological exploration of bacteria isolated from sediments in Laguna Ojo de Liebre, which he has worked on for at least four years, Millán Aguiñaga has been awarded a grant of 100,000 pesos to further develop it.

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In this sense, Dr. Milan will carry out studies on the extraction of DNA from bacteria from marine sediments, in which she worked from 2017-2018, the period when she visited Lake Ojo de Libre, located in the central western part. From Baja Peninsula, California. It is a biosphere reserve where gray whales migrate from Alaska to get their calves; Likewise, it has a variety of turtles and birds and is highly salty.

with the grant L’Oréal UNESCO AMCIn this article, the researcher at FCM will have the opportunity to purchase the materials needed to extract DNA from bacteria that have anti-cancer potential against four cell lines of this disease. In addition, you can award a scholarship to an undergraduate student so that they can become familiar with this research project.

Starting in July 2021, you have one year to develop the project and submit a final report to it L’Oreal.

“Receiving this award was a huge surprise, I wasn’t expecting it. I was pleased to hear that this year I have been selected to receive this recognition, especially because at this moment I have another project on which I am collaborating, and I have one of my own, with the resources to continue learning on my bacteria, which is extremely important. Ahem, I got it unexpectedly,” he emphasized zeta Dr. Milan.

With these resources, it will be possible to continue to progress and obtain results in the investigation, and even the people who come to the laboratory have something to work with. “It’s really a golden opportunity for me, it motivates me a lot to keep working and apply the knowledge.”

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Receiving the award gave him a lot of visibility, which is why he advises young people:

“Try to find what you like, what you are passionate about, if you find passion, you find happiness.”

For her vision and project, as well as promoting women’s participation in science, Dr. Natalie Milan Aguiniaga is working on zetaFeatured Personality 2021.