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Donald Trump misrepresents his misinformation strategy (analysis)

Donald Trump misrepresents his misinformation strategy (analysis)

(CNN) – Not an easy task, if you ask him for a long time, Donald Trump will tell you all his secrets.
Witness to this is the phrase that came from his speech July 3 in Sarasota, Florida:

“If you say it and keep saying it, they will start believing you.”

Trump He noted For misinformation towards him and other Republicans. But that quote from the boy explains everything he needs to know about the president and his approach to life.

(Note: Trump is unaware that his quote is almost identical Infamous Nazi phrase Joseph Goebbels: “If you tell a big lie and repeat it over and over again, people will eventually believe it”).

Trump has spent his life, in business and in politics, exaggerating, half-truths and blatant lies.

The books he wrote before entering politics praised the virtues of discovering a reality and quoted it over and over again until people began to believe it.

“I play with people’s fantasies”, escribió en “The Art of Contract”. “People want to believe that something is bigger, better, more amazing. I call this real hyperbole.”

“If you admit defeat, you will be defeated”, escribió Trump en “Think big”.

When he became president, Trump surprisingly continued his speech.

“Don’t believe the rubbish you see in these people, fake news,” Trump said. For a veteran team in 2018. “What they see, what they read is not what happens.”

Unfortunately, Trump’s plan works.

Take the 2020 election. Although there is no evidence of widespread electoral fraud, the majority (53%) of Republicans are a Reuters / Ipsos National Poll President Joe Biden’s victory at the end of May was “the result of illegal voting or electoral fraud.” More than 6 (61%) of the 10 Republicans agreed that the election was “stolen from Donald Trump.”

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The vast majority of isolated Republican voters in news bubbles and social groups who are completely consistent with their own views and “facts” are convinced that the election was somehow stolen – most likely, what Trump told them.

It is definitely irresponsible for people to take advantage of your trust and the short diet of their messages. Contrary to the meaning of being a leader.

But for Trump, “winning” is the only goal, the only metric he wants to determine. The truth (and its consequences) can go to hell.

Point: Trump’s desire to mislead people only for his own purposes can be a very dangerous trait of a man with many, many things.