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Letter to Biden Guide on the anniversary of Venezuela's independence: "We are fighting for a peaceful transition of power"

Letter to Biden Guide on the anniversary of Venezuela’s independence: “We are fighting for a peaceful transition of power”

Joe Biden during a speech on July 4, Independence Day of the United States (Photo: REUTERS)

President of the United States, Joe Biden, Sent a letter to Venezuela’s first president, Juan Guida, Within the framework of the 210th anniversary of the independence of the Caribbean nation.

In the letter, Biden liked him “Our most sincere congratulations To commemorate the 210th anniversary of the declaration of independence on July 5.

“On this day, we reflect on the tremendous work that you, your government, the elected National Assembly and, most importantly, the people of Venezuela have done in the search. A peaceful and democratic transition in Venezuela. Under your leadership, and in alliance with the leaders of civil society, you defend the principles of freedom, democracy and sovereignty.”Added the message.

Meanwhile, the letter ended with a quote to the maximum Venezuelan patriot: “As Simon Bolivar said, ‘People who love freedom, will ultimately be free’. As always, we are committed to supporting the struggle for freedom of all Venezuelans through peaceful and democratic transition of power.”.

Before Posted a message on their social networks US Ambassador to Venezuela, James’ story: “Happy Independence Day to all Venezuelans!” The United States and Venezuela are so common that we celebrate our independence one day apart. We share fundamental values ​​and the importance of democracy. ”

On Independence Day, Juan Qaeda urged Venezuela to stand up "In every corner" Country to Fight for Their Rights (EFE / Rayner Peña R)
On Independence Day, Juan Qaeda called on Venezuela to stand up in every corner of the country and fight for their rights (EFE / Rayner Peña R)

“We must rise up in every corner of Venezuela to fight for our rights. Today, as in July # 5, 1811, we expect change from all of us who want a change to demand for our country and our independence and a second independence,” Kate said on his social media network this Monday.

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On the eve of Venezuela’s Independence Day, the interim president led an action at the Plaza Brian de Sagasto in Caracas. There, the opposition leader reiterated the need for a national salvation agreement. In this regard, he pointed it out The people of Venezuela sign up for this initiative as the country’s heroes did 210 years ago: “With that we are dedicated to the dream of seeing our country reborn.”

He also sent a direct message to young Venezuela: “You never stop protesting, your dreams are here, your family is here, don’t give up. If there is a future in this country!”

“We put dictatorships at 3 and 2 and they could not defeat us. Here we are on the streets of Venezuela,” he added.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on Venezuela’s Independence Day Michael Bachelet, Nicolas Maduro criticized the regime and expressed concern about the arrest of three activists from a voluntary charity accused of “terrorism”.

“The arrest of three members of the Fundredis three days ago is a worrying example [de las restricciones al espacio cívico]”Bachelet said in a statement in Geneva where the Human Rights Council was held.

Reports of human rights abuses in Venezuela continue
Reports of human rights abuses in Venezuela continue

The former president of Chile thus called for Caracas to be allowed “Emergency access [a los detenidos] To review the current legal framework of defense attorneys of his choice, and in particular “the unequal control of civil society”.

During his speech on the human rights situation in Venezuela, the UN The official criticized the “linking of humanitarian and human rights activities to terrorism.”

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For its part, The International Criminal Court (CBI) was rejected at the last hour The challenge That rule Nicholas Mature Done In the investigation initiated by the prosecutor’s office into the systematic violation of human rights under the command of the Venezuelan dictator. The preliminary resolution dated July 2 is known only today, with a deadline of July 21. Venezuela Present your request to complete the judgment and present the charge.

The notice, known this Monday, is in response to a request from the attorney general’s office International Criminal Court Summaries thus provided during the incident are published with revised versions to protect victims and witnesses.

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