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Hurricane Norma will make landfall in Cabo San Lucas as Tommy approaches the Leeward Islands.

Hurricane Norma will make landfall in Cabo San Lucas as Tommy approaches the Leeward Islands.

(CNN) —Hurricane Norma is expected to hit Mexico’s popular resort area of ​​Los Cabos this Saturday with devastating winds, flash floods and dangerous storm surges from the Pacific Ocean, as another hurricane ravages island nations in the Atlantic.

Norma, a Category 2 storm by 11 a.m., is expected to move over or near parts of Baja California Sur, Mexico, including Cabo San Lucas, this Saturday afternoon or evening. The National Hurricane Center said.

Norma will weaken as it makes landfall in the afternoon, but will still be a hurricane that could bring life-threatening conditions to the tourist area, home to a few hundred thousand people, the hurricane center said.

Meanwhile, in the Atlantic Ocean, Hurricane Tommy (a Category 1 storm as of Saturday morning) triggered hurricane warnings for parts of the Leeward Islands, a chain of several island nations and territories between the Caribbean Sea and the open Atlantic. Tommy’s winds increased to 135 kilometers per hour.

No storm threatens the US.

As for Norma: With maximum sustained winds of 100 miles per hour, its center was about 30 miles west-southwest of Cabo San Lucas on Saturday morning, and rain and tropical storm conditions had already made landfall, the hurricane center said.

The hurricane is expected to cross southern Baja California in the afternoon before making landfall in the southern Gulf of California on Sunday.

A brief hurricane warning was in effect for southern Baja California, including Cabo San Lucas.

A dangerous storm surge this Saturday will “produce coastal flooding in coastal wind areas within the hurricane warning area,” the hurricane center said.

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“Closer to the coast, the surge will be accompanied by large and destructive waves,” he added.

Norma will bring heavy rains and flooding to the region. Totals of 150 to 300 millimeters of rain are possible, with isolated totals of up to 450 mm.

The center says the weakening hurricane will turn northeast and east-northeast and slowly approach the Sinaloa coast in western Mexico Sunday night into early Monday morning.

Norma is forecast to move inland early Monday morning and dissipate over rugged terrain over western Mexico on Tuesday.

Hurricane Tommy heads towards the Leeward Islands

In the Atlantic, Tommy strengthened slightly with maximum sustained winds of 135 kph and was centered about 80 kilometers east-southeast of Guadeloupe, the National Hurricane Center said at 11 a.m. ET.

Tommy is expected to move near or over Guadeloupe and parts of the Leeward Islands, including Antigua and Barbuda, by Saturday night, then move north of the Leeward Islands on Sunday.

Hurricane-force winds extended up to 40 kilometers from the storm’s center, and tropical storm-force winds extended up to 200 kilometers.

Hurricanes are rare in this part of the Atlantic in late October. Tommy is only the third hurricane to form in the Southeast Atlantic since 1900, according to hurricane expert Michael Lowry.

It was the most recent hurricane to form in this part of the Atlantic since 1966, according to Bill Klotzbach, a research scientist in Colorado State University’s Department of Atmospheric Sciences.

Hurricane experts earlier warned that hurricanes could form in unusual areas later this year due to the exceptionally warm Atlantic Ocean.

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A storm surge of 0.30 to 0.90 meters is possible in parts of the Leeward Islands.

Heavy rain is one of the storm’s most serious threats and can cause flash floods and landslides. Total rainfall in the Leeward Islands is expected to be between 100 and 200 mm, but 300 mm in the heaviest areas. Precipitation should be light over Puerto Rico and the British and US Virgin Islands, where 25 to 50 mm is expected.

Conditions will begin to improve from south to north across the island chain late Sunday as the storm moves north out of the region.

With Tommy in the Atlantic, there were only two names (Vince and Whitney) on the standard list of Atlantic storm names before the hurricane center switched to an alternate list of names.

CNN’s Sarah Tonks, Bill Gast and Keith Allen contributed to this report.