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Video: Cuban Rafters Reach South Florida Despite Hurricane Elsa

Video: Cuban Rafters Reach South Florida Despite Hurricane Elsa

Cubans coming to Florida

A group of Cuban rafters arrived off the coast of South Florida on Tuesday, A few hours after the tropical storm Elsa, Captured by videos of those on the beach.

You can see it in the pictures At least five people, Tuesday morning at 8:45 am and they escaped with touch surface. Local sites said people went down to the beach. “Happy Y LaughingWhen asked how they would go to Miami Beach.

Site Miami Herald, The rafters landed on Hollandale Beach, north of Miami.

Dangerous boats coming to Cubans Florida

The border patrol, which arrived half an hour after the Cubans arrived, said He found the boat on which the group came, but so far no one has been arrested.

In the video, the filmmaker is inspired by the arrival of immigrants: “Brother (brother) I could not believe it, a boat came from Cuba, look at it, they did it. They came in a boat from Cuba. ”

In the current fiscal year that began on October 1st, The total number of Cuban rafters stranded at sea is 512, the highest number since the dry feet / wet feet policy that opened in January 2017. They were protected as refugees as soon as they touched American soil.

Rafters usually arrive in Miami in dangerous boats (Coast Guard)
Rafters usually arrive in Miami in dangerous boats (Coast Guard)

This figure is almost 11 times higher 49 Cubans captured In the seven months at sea in 2020, as well as 313 Intercepted 259 in 2019 and 2018.

According to Herald, The Cuban government announced this week that more than 500 Cuban citizens had returned from the United States So far this year.

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Weeks ago, Recent attempts by Cubans to overcome advanced boats in Florida jalacantiyaik killed and ten others went missing with two Cuban rahptarkal, Exit from the economic crisis and the new wave of immigrants.

“We’ve sunburned, we’re shocked, because so many of us, when we lost our minds while saving ourselves, we fainted.”, Adrian Corcho, one of the eight survivors, told a Hispanic television station in Florida.

Cubans came to Miami in the boat
The Cubans were on a boat to Miami

Newspaper Granma, Confirmed that the official organ of the Cuban Communist Party Kiyuparkalai measures maintained by the United States, “the US territory in irregular exit, dangerous for their life” encourage.

The United States has reduced the operations and staff of its embassy in Havana to a minimum and diverted diplomatic services to third countries. In 2017, nearly thirty U.S. diplomats encountered some mysterious “health incidents” whose motives have not yet been clarified.

In the meantime, Cuba’s internal crisis worsens. The island is experiencing the worst crisis in 30 years Shortage of food and supplies, The regime has responded Oppression Against dissidents, entrepreneurs, artists and human rights activists.

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