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Doctors show their support for the family’s social and health journey

Thomas Kubo, President of Cgcom.

There is no consensus in Spanish health on the legitimacy of the future Social and Health Professional Training (FP) titlewas cursed by the Nursing Committee for fear that a invade their powers. But the truth is that not the entire sector takes the same opinion: for doctors, with Thomas Kubo On top, the new qualifications present an opportunity to “promote” the assistance and reveal it bureaucracy Because of the “lack of staff”.

As explained by the head of the medical writing department General Council of Official Colleges of Physicians (Cgcom)the title relative to “Supervision of social health care to promote personal autonomy” The Ministry of Education announced at the beginning of the year in response to the lack of care highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It has been shown that there is a need to strengthen social and health care, where there is a shortage of staff and that Overwhelmed with registrations and cancellations workers, “says Cobo, who confirms that in other parts of the European Union there is already a figure for the technician in charge so prominently”bureaucratic tasks. In this sense, he advocates that patient care should be ‘interdisciplinary’, which implies the necessary ‘collaboration’ between different areas without hampering ‘health leadership’.

He adds, however, that at this kind of degree “it’s hard to tell where the limits of Multidisciplinary“The part of the social and health training that these future technicians will receive is minimal. They will get training that will allow them to have knowledge of the environment in which they will work, which is the bureaucratic environment,” he insists.

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Is social and health vocational training invade the competencies of nurses?

This was also stated by the Ministry of Education. The department you lead joy pillar He argues that the above qualification does not in any way include “Direct Patient Care Providers Jobs”But those that focused on ‘supervising the performance Technical Care Team Activities.

“It is in response to what was requested by the House of Representatives through an illegal proposal to establish a training course for Postgraduate Certificate in Supervision of Social Assistance in Nursing Homesas well as all proposals in the same direction received by the relevant departments in the field of social and health care”, concludes the education on the new qualification, which will serve as a reference for the future FP degree.

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