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MIR Family and Pediatric Employment Exchange: What does it look like?

Ricardo Herreros Tobias, Director of Human Resources at the Rioja Health Service.

The human resources department at Ryugan Health Service (Seris) published the decision to create a file Temporary Employment Lists Addressed to Resident temporary employees Last year, in order to meet the demand for Family and community medicine Beside Pediatrics in the region.

The New Employment Office seeks to favor the appointment of health professionals who complete their training, should this occur There are no candidates Available in Temporary Employment Lists of the required categories. Thus, as long as the recruitment lists are empty, the last year who finished his training in May, will be able to register for these offers.

The assignment of temporary jobs will be processed according to average degree From the last three years of residence. In the event of a tie between several candidates, Seris will attend to the application number obtained in the national summons for testing to carry out accommodation.

What classes does Seris invoke for MIR?

As stated in the decision published in Official Gazette of La RiojaThe Temporary job offers Its purpose is to cover the categories of Family Physicians in Primary Care, Emergency Health Physician and District Pediatricians.

People who are developing last school year From the training program in the specialties of family doctor, emergency health doctor and pediatrics in the region.

This call will remain open until May 1 next Interested parties can submit their requests through an instance addressed to Seris Human Resources.

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