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Doctor without specialization MIR 120,000 euros per year and home where?

Doctor without specialization MIR 120,000 euros per year and home where?

Norway is the main destination for Spanish nurses He goes to look for doctors. New offers have spread in this country to entice and attract doctors without specifying their origin. As a language requirement, only fluent English is required, while in terms of professional terms, it is a must The salary ranges between 90,000 and 120,000 euros per yearThis is according to the agreement and previous experience of the professional.

The main condition, and it is the only basic condition, is that the person be He graduated in medicine from a European Union universityAlthough it is not necessary to have a specialization. In addition to Fluent EnglishA master’s degree or other qualifications in healthcare are valuable.

The requirements are also detailed Ability to adapt to different cultural environmentsLearn about new technological developments in medicine Ability to communicate and convey security and trust For the patient and their families.

Free travel and accommodation

Among the conditions of the offer submitted by Norway is that the contract be for an indefinite period with Full time, i.e. 37.5 hours per week. The minimum salary will be 90,000 and maximum 120,000 euros gross per year, depending on the final agreement and previous experience.

Work like Primary care physician, with morning hours Continuing care guards in accordance with Norwegian regulations. Among other benefits, the first trip to this country is covered, in addition to Housing, water and electricity costs.

Among the jobs you can choose from, the professional will be able to choose from jobs available across the country, Always in public health. It is also emphasized that new professionals are introduced Norwegian language course B2designed specifically for doctors, with a local teaching team with extensive experience.

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Working as a doctor in Norway

Finally, there is a need for management Professional permit required to work in Norway As a doctor and showman Mandatory training courses to start working As a doctor in Norway.

This new offer from Norway for health workers adds to everything it has offered in 2023 and beyond It turned the country into the main destination for Spanish nurseswhich led to the displacement of the United Kingdom, since this health You can see your salary multiplied by fourAccording to the latest mobility data from the Council for General Nursing (CGE). A total of 336 nurses requested the necessary documentation To go to training in Norway.

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