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'Díaz-Canel, pingú': Spy Gerardo Hernández Shows Brutality in Inter-Communist Challenge

‘Díaz-Canel, pingú’: Spy Gerardo Hernández Shows Brutality in Inter-Communist Challenge

the spy Gerardo Hernandez He joined a challenge on social networks, in which he pulled out a sweater “Diaz-Canelpenguin”As dozens of Cuban users criticized on Twitter, it shows rudeness and vulgarity.

“I know some people don’t like it, but I don’t want to miss the #SacaTuPuloverComunista challenge, this is what I have right now… #Cuba #CDRCuba #SomosDelBarrio #CubaPorLaPaz,” the national wrote. Coordinator of The largest protest organization of the Cuban regime is the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution.

Dozens of users lamented the image provided by Hernández Nordelo, amid supportive comments from Ramon Labanino, another of the five Cuban agents convicted in the United States of espionage.

Labañino, nicknamed @SoldadodeFidel on Twitter, responded to Nardello: “Great, brother. There is no one better for this moment. You lifted us up!”.

Conversely, religious Baptist Abdel Morfa wrote: “Gerardo, it is sad that you give credit to vulgarity and rudeness. We want to prepare a generation of respectable youth, good men and women. You are undoing all the work thousands of teachers do every day to educate our children.

Activist Isbel Díaz Torres pointed out: “Let’s see, you’re wearing that sweater and you can’t help but think of it in the minds of everyone who reads it. The rallying cry: #DíazCanelSingao. What we can do. Psychology works in that weird way. Fidel (Castro) instilled fear, Raúl (Castro) instilled hatred, today’s fool… well, that.”

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Ivan Suarez said.I did not expect such ugliness from a public official“. “This goes beyond agreeing or disagreeing with his sweater. We will be careful not to go to extremes,” he added.

To Gustav, “Not even with popular Cuban phrases” these officials “stick with the people”. “They don’t snare, they deceive.”

The challenge of the communist sweater was put forward by the Union of Young Communists (UJC), the first anniversary of the July 11 protests, when thousands of young people took to the streets to demand freedom. Party tension and its machinery of repression.

“#SacaTuPuloverComunista and show what you made, tell the world loudly that your ideals are not for sale and your heart belongs to #PatriaOMuerte. Shut up those who want to hide your voice and show it with pride. Today we are millions,” he said. Your Twitter account.

Figures such as announcer Agnes Becerra, official journalist Pedro Jorge Velázquez “El Necio” and Spanish Ana Hurtado showed off their campaign outfits.