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Destinations to celebrate Wellbeing Day in the Caribbean

Destinations to celebrate Wellbeing Day in the Caribbean

Written by Lucia Vasquez Pérez

On September 9th, Wellness Day in the CaribbeanIt is a date that seeks to raise awareness among the people of the Caribbean region about non-communicable diseases and their prevention through a healthy lifestyle, and inaugurates the Caribbean Wellness Week, which is organized by Pan American Health Organization (Pan American Health Organization) since 2011, to promote balanced eating and exercise.

he Physically well – good It goes hand in hand with emotional health and spiritual peace, and in the Caribbean we find many destinations where we can relax our minds and exercise our bodies, in a way that enables us to achieve the Latin expression “Healthy men in a healthy body“.

Relaxation is undoubtedly the first thing we think of when we hear the word “wellness.” in Belize We find a wide range of hotels and spas where we can leave our minds empty and disconnect from the routine for a few days. One of the most relaxing destinations in the Caribbean Mexicoa country that, due to its cultural richness, exceptional nature and charming beaches, is the ideal place to celebrate the Day of Well-being in the Caribbean.

Mexico, once the cradle of Mayan and Aztec culture, hides charming towns that remain devoid of large numbers of tourists, such as Mazunte (in the state of Oaxaca). There they hold workshops and activities related to meditation, medicinal plants or Ayurvedic nutrition (a diet that attempts to prevent physical and mental illnesses).

To keep the body active, she loves the forests and trails of the countries Costa Rica also Panama They will help us exercise our bodies amidst nature. Physical activity combined with the adrenaline produced by some activities, such as rafting, releases high levels of endorphins, the hormone that generates a pleasure and well-being effect.

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Exemplary gastronomy is also an essential factor in maintaining a balanced and healthy diet. The Caribbean diet is very rich in carbohydrates, due to the high consumption of rice, especially in countries such as Cuba, Costa Rica or the Dominican Republic. They combine rice with other foods, like the Cuban rice they make with red beans; Or the Dominican nino infuelto, a mixture of beef and rice wrapped in cabbage.

These days you take a break and celebrate Caribbean Wellness WeekAn appointment to think about our lifestyle and change our habits to healthier ones.