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Punta de Europa Hospital begins work on incorporating computed tomography (PET-CT) into early detection of tumors

Punta de Europa Hospital begins work on incorporating computed tomography (PET-CT) into early detection of tumors

University Hospital Europe advice Algeciras, in the Campo de Gibraltar Oeste health management area, has already begun adaptation work Nuclear medicine service This will allow a file to be installed PET-CTwhich represents progress in Early detection of tumors It makes it possible to plan the most appropriate treatment from the beginning, thus increasing the chances of success.

As the Council noted in a memorandum, the Center is therefore merging high technology This did not exist, as the Regional Representative for Health and Consumer Affairs explained, Eva PajaresOn a visit to the hospital, accompanied by the sub-delegate of the Council in Campo de Gibraltar, Javier Rodriguez RosMayor of Green Island, Jose Ignacio LandalosAnd the director of the health district, Fatima Gonzalez.

The new PET-TAC represents an investment 3.4 million euros To which must be added another 460 thousand euros to adapt the nuclear medicine service.

A positron emission tomography and computed tomography (PET-CT) machine is diagnostic equipment that Campo Gibraltar lacks so far, as patients are referred to the Puerta del Mar Hospital in Cádiz. Therefore, once installed, the specialists of the nuclear medicine service will carry out their tasks 650 tests annually Patients come from the entire region and from Ceuta, thus avoiding trips to the capital Cadiz.

This technology is called Positron emission tomographyIt performs a non-invasive diagnostic imaging examination capable of measuring the metabolic activity of the human body.

The equipment allows for studies targeting a high percentage of them Oncology patientsIt also allows us to know the degree of expansion of the tumor and evaluate the response to treatment, checking whether the patient is responding early to treatment or not, and if not, either suspending it or switching to another line without having to exhaust all courses, or it allows the localization of a malignant tumor or Extend the tumor more accurately.

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In addition to oncology, other fields of medicine, e.g Neurological diseases, heart diseases, infectious and autoimmune diseasesThese studies can be benefited from, as the Head of Nuclear Medicine at the Green Island Center explained, Simon Ortega.

Officials from the Campo de Gibraltar Oeste Health Management District explained that the adaptation work to install the equipment will take an estimated period of time. Three months. It will affect the entire nuclear medicine unit, so, while the work continues, patients who require non-delayed scintigraphy will be referred to the Puerta del Mar University Hospital in Cádiz.

Both the Regional Delegate and the Director General of the Region wanted to thank you for your cooperation and commitment Nuclear medicine staff From the Punta de Europa Hospital, part of them will travel to Cádiz to care for patients from Campo de Gibraltar who will have to undergo scintigraphy during these months. They also wanted to thank the management and nuclear medicine specialists at Puerta del Mar Hospital for their assistance.