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Denied for lack of information?  You have this deadline to solve it – El Financiero

Denied for lack of information? You have this deadline to solve it – El Financiero

Visa processing Travel to America It takes longer than expected, and the ‘last straw’ may be that the country’s authorities have determined that you are not eligible to receive it.

Before reviewing the grounds for which you may be denied a visa, please note that the processing of this document is expedited. In some cities of the Mexican Republic From the last week of February, they are:

Daria DarnellThe Ministerial Counselor for International Affairs and Embassies in Mexico indicated that embassies and/or consulates in those cities are working to reduce wait times to schedule appointments and process visas.

Why can they deny you a visa?

Although it doesn’t happen often, some applicants may see a message that their application has been rejected, the US government explains.

One reason is that you ‘didn’t get your paperwork in order’ and You have not provided all the required information To analyze whether you are eligible for a visa. This scenario, as provided for in Section 221 of the US Immigration Act, contemplates scenarios such as:

  • If the embassy or consulate Additional documents are required To close your case, you will be told what you need and how to provide it.
  • Further administrative processing of your application is required before a decision on your visa eligibility can be made.

How much time do I have (yes now) to complete the process properly?

If this is your case, There is a ‘good’ news: United States officials give you an ‘opportunity’ to resolve issues with your application. It is important for you to know that You are one year old From notification to send required information.

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“If you do not provide the required additional information within one year, you must reapply for the visa and pay another application fee,” the embassy notes.