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How did a band manage to trick the US embassy through visa procedures?

A US visa application by a woman who arrived at the US embassy with a substantial amount of documents to prove that she is a frequent traveler and owns property raised the suspicion of an official.

Nearly a year later, a gang dedicated to falsifying documents to help people pursue the American dream, including that woman, fell. That was about it Many from Manatee in Atlantico charged up to 10 million for such a procedure.

“Sufficient evidence was obtained to dismantle this criminal organization that directly affected the fundamental rights of immigrants.”DG Director General Olga Salazar explained week.

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In these raids, they found 200 visa processing documents, 36 passports, 33 immigration stamps, 16 IDs, seven credit cards, five professional lawyer cards, five cellphones.

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Studies show that The leader of the organization is named ‘Monterosa’‘, was already caught in 2014 for trying to withdraw a huge amount using false documents.

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The aforementioned media confirms that at least 30 people have fallen for the promises of this criminal group, but they created false profiles, considering that they have been providing services for filling out the DS-160 application form for two decades – which fits the description. -, and if interview training is provided, that number can increase significantly.

Further He would have been responsible for processing medical appointments in the US So health related issues are an excuse to travel.

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