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Fallout of Criminal Gangs Who Cheated US Embassy in Visa Process: Here’s What They Did

For example, in 2014, he was caught trying to withdraw a large sum of money from a bank. For this, the person intended to use false documents

Eight to ten million pesos they accused a criminal network To falsify documents It is necessary for a person to travel to the United States. Thanks to the case of a woman who approached the service and the actions of the authorities, it was possible to trace the catch. Javier Monterosa, Griselda Ramirez, Michael Ospina and Octavio ReynaHe was accused of defrauding the people and the embassy for about 20 years. The criminal organization operated out of the municipality of Manatee, the file says Atlantic sector.

“Sufficient evidence was obtained to dismantle this criminal organization of victims Fundamental rights directly Migrants”, he commented in an interview with the newspaper week Gen. Olga Salazar, Director of Digit.

Apart from those arrested, the authorities found 300 documents to process the visas. 36 passports, 33 immigration stamps, 16 identity cardsSeven credit cards, five professional attorney cards, five cell phones, hard drives, among other belongings of the band.

As mentioned above, a woman was key for the authorities to track down the criminal gang. The woman, identified in the investigation as Karolina, raised suspicions with a consular official to protect her true identity. When asked for information about his life, A match was not identified Compliance In her words and in the documents she submitted to get the visa.

The woman arrived at the embassy last year, the file says, with a folder full of documents proving her high education and lavish lifestyle. She also had a passport full of stamps to make it clear that she was a woman Long travel history. The official, not believing the words of “Carolina”, decided that he would not issue a visa and, in addition, it was necessary to start an investigation.

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Agreed with the investigating officer on Carolina. All the documents Carolina had were falsified, including an accredited university degree as a lawyer from Simon Bolivar University and her labor certificates. Additionally, It was denied As stated in the documents submitted by him, he is the owner of a farm.

Thanks to the woman’s case, the authorities realized that she was not the only one, in fact, this gang was carrying out its criminal activities all over the Caribbean coast. In total they found about 30 cases. For now, with this discovery, the embassy has learned Semana magazine, exclusively, will at least review it. 1,500 suspect visas.

Last year alone, the criminal group was able to earn more than 500 million pesos for its illegal services, officials say.

Javier Monterosa was identified as the leader of the gang among those caught. The person had a criminal record dating back several years, for example in 2014 He was caught trying to withdraw a large sum of money from a bank. To do this, the man wanted to use false documents.

Since his appointment as Colombian Ambassador to the United States, Luis Gilberto Murillo The idea of ​​removing the visa requirement for comrades wishing to enter the country was mooted. Although the government said that this process may take a few years, it has been informed that the activities have already started and efforts will be made to achieve the target as soon as possible.

As reported by Ministry of Foreign AffairsThe meeting reviewed the requirements for entry into the Visa Waiver Program under the five pillars of counter-terrorism, law enforcement, traveler detection, immigration law enforcement and travel/identity documents.

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“The foregoing is intended to define measures to be taken both domestically and by US authorities to allow our citizens to travel to the US for tourism purposes in the future or Business without the need to obtain a visa”The Ministry of External Affairs explained in a statement.