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Enfermedades costosas serán cubiertas por Senasa a la diáspora dominicana en EEUU

Feature – Senasa closes precious diseases for Dominican immigrants in the United States

D.Ever since Dr. Santiago Hashim, Managing Director of the National Health Insurance (CENSA) took over this responsibility, he has been interested in being able to contribute to the thousands of Dominicans living outside their land for one reason or another. Cases in which the Dominican Republic wants to treat or seek a second opinion for any illness are limited by the lack of quality insurance to support them.

That is why Dr. Hashim proposed the Senasa Larimer program in the United States, which is aimed at Dominican people living abroad, with the firm belief that Dominican immigrants will be able to repay all contributions to improve the economy. Every time they return to the Dominican Republic they have the coverage to receive quality health insurance and have the facility to insure their relatives living in the country.

“We have developed medical insurance for Dominicans living overseas, which includes minor and major surgeries, cancer, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, organ transplant surgery, dentistry, quality assurance you really need,” Hashim told a news conference in the Bronx, New York.

In this move, Senasa Larimar noted that it is an insurance that allows you to go to any part of the country and attend a center or clinic because the state ARS only has a country with more than 8,000 health care providers, i.e. most doctors, clinics, laboratories and hospitals to serve them Have been contracted.

One of the greatest benefits of the Senasa Larimar is the return of remnants and final costs (final services) that represent a great relief to the Dominican people. One last farewell to your family member.

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Full coverage
The Larimar Plan is a private health insurance policy with no age limits for your member; The Dominican Republic guarantees a mixed network of outpatient services, hospital, high cost, dentistry, pharmaceuticals and surgeries, and more than 8,000 physicians, clinics, hospitals, laboratories and diagnostic centers across the country.

“We’re going to cost you one million pesos more and the coverage will go up to two million pesos and we do everything you can to worry about chemotherapy, knee replacement or spine surgery. If it exceeds one million pesos they will be left without coverage,” said Senasa’s director.

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Office opening

The program plans to open four offices in New York, Miami, New Jersey and Pennsylvania in the United States and nine offices in various international locations.

In these offices, affiliate services, family embryo formation, card distribution, integration of selected health services and general information will be provided.

Each office must meet the needs of comrades through a dedicated line with service channels available to Senasa immigrants, and alternative channels through social networks, website and local numbers.

The program ensures the global character of the insured and the access to quality health care services for all Dominicans over the public and private networks.