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Democrats question Supreme Court judge FBI investigation

Democrats question Supreme Court judge FBI investigation

Democrat senators have raised new concerns about the completeness of the FBI investigation into Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanagh’s record, saying the agency received thousands of tracks and provided “everything relevant” to the FBI’s adviser’s office. White House.

In response to Democrats’ questions, the FBI revealed in a letter at the end of last month that it had received more than 4,500 clues, and that Kavanagh was investigating the past when he was nominated by President Donald Trump in 2018.

This process reflected the first time the FBI had set up a candidate hotline in the process of being confirmed by the Senate, said an aide to FBI Director Jill Tyson on behalf of Director Christopher Vare.

A group of Democratic senators in a letter dated Wednesday pointed out that his response “raises important additional questions.” Among other things, they asked him to explain how many tracks the FBI had determined were relevant, and the criteria used to determine it, and what policies and procedures were used to review the tracks.

The senators also asked for more information on how the dashboard worked and how the tracks were recorded or secured.

“Your letter confirms that the FBI tip departed from previous procedures and that the FBI was politically controlled by the Trump White House,” the senators wrote.

Kavanaugh was convicted in October 2018 after a bitter process of allegedly sexually abusing women three decades ago. He categorically denied the allegations.

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