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Dismissed lawyer Juan Francisco Sandoval leaves Guatemala for fear of revenge

Dismissed lawyer Juan Francisco Sandoval leaves Guatemala for fear of revenge

Sandoval, hailed by Washington as the “anti-corruption champion”, was accompanied by human rights ombudsman Jordan Rhodes and Swedish ambassador Hans Magnusson as he left the country.

Guatemala’s convicted lawyer, Juan Francisco Santo, left the country early this morning, Jordan Rhodes, head of the attorney general’s for human rights protection, confirmed on Twitter.

“The decision was made to save his life,” the official told the media.

Local media have reported that Santhoval’s departure could lead to attacks or threats against him due to the revelations of his work against corruption and other cases under investigation.

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El Salvador left the border with Los Cinmas and was accompanied by Hans Magnusson, a former lawyer and PTH representative and Swedish ambassador to Guatemala.

Juan Francisco Santo, who condemned the lack of support in his administration, was dismissed by Attorney General Maria Concelo Bora, which raised criticism in the United States.

Chandowell, hailed by Washington as an “anti-corruption champion”, continued to denounce the sanctions imposed on his work by order of the Special Advocate against Penalty (FECI), and asked that President Alejandro Giomate not be prosecuted without permission. Of his superiors.

In a statement announcing Sandoval’s dismissal, the public ministry (the public prosecutor’s office) confirmed that the office was “subject to continuous abuse and frequent abuse” and that it sought to undermine “work”. Integrity and Dignity of Attorney General Maria Consul Boras ”.

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After Santhoval denounced the lack of support for his work at FECI, the officer became the target of criticism.

“The employment relationship was terminated today because of a harassment he suffered and an immediate lack of confidence in the relationship,” the statement added. Sandoval was replaced by attorney Carla Valencula.