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Lopez Obrador calls the OAS a "system without anyone's flaws" to replace it

Lopez Obrador calls the OAS a “system without anyone’s flaws” to replace it

This Saturday, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lபpez Obrador called for the transformation of the Organization of American States (OAS) by a new body that would unite Latin America and the Caribbean and resolve conflicts between them. “The plan is more or less to create something similar to the EU, but to integrate it with our history, our reality and our identities. Being a mediator in request and acceptance should not be ruled out, ”he said in a new speech at Fort Chabuldebek. 238 years since Simon Bolivar was born.

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The only recollection surrounding the Bolivian leader is the Mexican president’s excuse to issue a strong declaration of US dominance and intervention in Latin American countries over the past 150 years. Moreover, his announcement occurred at the same time Celebration of Latin American and Caribbean Community Summit (CELAC) And in the presence of 25 ministers from the entire region in Mexico City. Mexico’s intention points to the displacement of the OAS, led by Washington-based and Uruguayan Ambassador Luis Almagro, for regional commitment to resolving conflicts between Latin American countries.

The history of American independence has served Lopez O’Brien to propose a new direction for the geopolitical dynamics of the continent. “It is time for a new coexistence between all the nations of the United States, because the model imposed two centuries ago is exhausted, it has no future, no way out, it will no longer benefit anyone,” he noted. Mexican words accuse US of dominance in the region and bring Cuba to trial Faces the economic siege of Washington. “We may or may not agree with the Cuban Revolution and its government, but 62 years of non-submission is an achievement. I believe the Cuban people deserve to be given dignity for their struggle to defend their sovereignty,” the president added.

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