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Delegate Bullin 47 talks about the shootings they experienced in NY

Delegate Bullin 47 talks about the shootings they experienced in NY

The Art Entrepreneur Vidal Sedeno He noted Shooting To Vehicle In which the urban plot was carried Pulin47 In New York City, he makes a series of presentations Discos.

Cedeño, who represents the translator of “El juidero”, said the April 3 incident on Yonkers Street in New York was being investigated by police.

He said it was known “unofficially” “It simply came to our notice thenNot for us or for the staff “.

We all came out well from the incident that took place last Sunday the 3rd at a nightclub in Yonkers, NY. We don’t consider it necessary to comment on such fabrications. “

“Like all the artists who work with us in the office,” he was a loving artist, making sure he was not a kind of problem.

Senior Entrepreneur Vidal SedenoHas been promoting Dominican tours in the Great City for over two decades, announced Pulin47 He will continue his tour and then they will issue an official statement when the authorities approve it.

Details about Shooting

This was one of Bullin’s 47 vehicles traveling via NY after the shooting. (External source)

Just a few seconds’ upload via Instagram “popeyeteinforma” portal Vehicle In it the young man was traveling, at least when he was targeted Eight Views. He was taken to the city with part of the work team that came with him at his presentations Discos.

“Thank God and our ancestors for hiding their divine robe. Pulin47With his staff including my son Carlitos, My nephew Maximus and my cousin Imelda, on the streets of Yonkers, New York, on the night of April 3rd. Our heart will continue to beat to give the best of us to the public. Thank you all for your support and your prayers, “Cedeño wrote on his Instagram account.

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Black vehicle shot in NY. (External source)

Hansel Theodoro Vargas Rhinozo, best known in the art and music world Pulin47, Created comedy videos with songs like “Commando” and “7 Pollos” and gained popularity after going viral on social media. He has released urban successes such as “Stop Talking About Me”, “Brendia” with Kiko L. Gracie, “El Judero” with Simbala and most recently “Home for” with El Tondo.

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