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Journalist fired for buying Kamala Harris' suit!

Journalist fired for buying Kamala Harris’ suit!

Commentator and writer Amber TheyHe was accused of being racist and fired from a radio show for “making fun” of D.Brown dress worn by the Vice President of the United States during the State of the Union addressThis was announced by Pitan in early March.

The journalist, in a tweet, revealed that Harris’ dress looks like a uniform from a UPS parcel chain.

Amber TheyThe editor of the world edition of The Spectator magazine said that after a comparison of clothing and company, DC was removed from the radio talk show WMAL.

“Kamala looks like a UPS employee. What can brown do for you? Obviously nothing, ”he wrote on social networking site Twitter on March 1.

By New York PostAt first, Atte says the tweet did not cause a stir, but a few days later, Atte himself criticized the protests in support of “trans children” at the University of North Texas, in which he posted the following: A group of left-wing activists followed me. ”

The author confirmed that many had contacted their bosses about the “intolerance” of the vice president, and their reaction was to remove the emails received and laugh. He claims that none of his co-workers on the WMAL project said anything about it and that nothing happened.

One week after the tweet was published, Jeff Botan, vice president of the Cumulus Washington station, and Kristen Fonseca, vice president of human resources, contacted the aunt.

“I was told that the tweet I sent about Kamal was ‘racist’ and that any subsequent attempts to protect me and ridicule me were unacceptable,” he recalled. “I violated the company’s social media policy and was immediately fired,” they said.

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In the words of his aunt termination of employment “Destroyed the integrity and reputation of WMAL and Culumus as patrons of conservative content.”

“We talk often [en el programa] Our show is about the dangers of censorship and cancellation culture, but here they are bowing to the mob, “he wrote.” If I get fired for mocking the vice president’s outfit, every announcer at a cumulus station is at risk of losing their job at any moment.

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