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Danna Paula had bad days due to illness before performing in Texas

Danna Paula had bad days due to illness before performing in Texas

Singer Danna Paula has not had a good time in recent days due to her poor health due to the flu and bronchitis, but she is scheduled to have a concert on Saturday, March 2, in Austin, Texas. Besami Mucho Festival.

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“A plot twist left me lying in bed… The universe told me to stop it! And it stopped me with the handbrake… Flu + bronchitis. “They were very heavy days… It hurts me to live, breathe and walk, I am an orchestra between frequent coughing and crying .. Between medications and a lot of food in the house, movies, love, writings and music.” “This is healing,” the 28-year-old actress also wrote at the bottom of a series of photos he shared on Instagram. In one of the photos, he appears wearing an oxygen mask.

According to the singer, the pain and her recovery process made her appreciate the importance of prioritizing health over any other commitment.

“The excitement for everything to come is burning inside me and it has helped me motivate myself mentally. All of this helps me a lot to re-analyze and re-evaluate how important health is… without it there is nothing.. His message also read: ‘We are nothing, and sometimes work overwhelms me and I forget. Myself… This is not true… It's time to stop, it's time to take care of the temple, to shine beautifully.” . .

Danna Paula has made an appointment for her Several concerts Although after the presentation in Austin, he had more days to recover before performing in Monterrey and then touring South America, visiting Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Uruguay and more cities.

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