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Dana Paula Breech packs a green mini bag and unleashes memes on social networks

Mexican singer Dana Paulaknown for songs like “Hi Paul” As for “the fameHe caused an uproar on social media because of the outfit he wore this weekend, as he appeared with a very strange bag during an event held in Mexico City.

Why did you cause such a stir?

Dana Paulawho is currently 27 years old, attended brisha celebration known asThe most beautiful party in the worldAt the party, which took place on Friday, January 27, the singer appeared in a black pleated leather skirt, a crop top of the same color, green sunglasses and shoes of the same color, but what she described as the most interesting was his bagWell, that was it Little That caused all kinds of memes on social networks.

(credits: capture)

Some netizens mentioned that it is in a small bag like the one used by a singer.Water” in brish, There is only room for sweets like marzipan or picafresas. Plus, there were those who took advantage of her to make fun of her size, since they made all sorts of comments about her.

(credits: twitter)

“Dana Paula keeps my desire to go to social service in her bag”, “In that bag it keeps my desire to drop a drink”, “Dana Paula keeps my desire to go to work tomorrow in that bag”, “Linda, Dana Paola has it all My patience is in that little bag” and “Danna Paola’s mini bag is perfect for storing an emergency nugget,” netizens reacted in Twitter.

(credits: twitter)

Dana Paula poses with Kenia Os and enjoys Rishi

He also attended the ceremony, which was held in Mexico City Kenya operating systemthe artist If it weren’t for Nellyinfluencers see moa s Kono. In the pictures circulating on the Internet, all the celebrities were seen singing and dancing at the party, the first of which is being held in the capital.

(credits: twitter)

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