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Dalmau Santiago and Tadito Hernandez condemn the draft bill

Dalmau Santiago and Tadito Hernandez condemn the draft bill

President of Democratic People’s Party (PPD), Jose Luis Dolmau Santiago, condemned the content of the draft status plan released in Washington DC this afternoon, arguing that it was anti-democratic, incomplete, contrary to the interests of the Puerto Ricans, and disrespectful to the Puerto Ricans. And negotiates a product in dark rooms.

For his part, the leader House of RepresentativesRafael “Tatito” Hernández Montañez, referring to state status, independence and the Association of Independence, included “three of the four alternatives supported by the Puerto Ricans”.

“However, we reject with all our might that ELA is included,” he said.

On the one hand, Dolmau Santiago noted that he would fight the move, including campaigning, defended the Commonwealth and said he was ready to take part in public hearings expected to take place in Puerto Rico next month.

“Leaving the Commonwealth (ELA) as an option for a political relationship with the United States guarantees citizenship and development that will serve Puerto Rican families well, which deserves our most energetic total and total rejection.”Dalmau told reporters at the Santiago Capitol. “We will not support any move other than the Commonwealth. We will work to defeat the state here and in Washington.”

Dalmau argued that the Santiago Citizenship Commissioner had no plans Jennifer Gonzalez There is no future put forward by congressional women Alexandria Occasio Cortes and Nidia Velasquez, who left the Commonwealth and “Puerto Rican to leave the sentiments of the people and avoid the analysis and approval of the Office of the Study of Congress and the Department of Justice,” she said in an executive order by former President Barack Obama.

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“It’s a strange ambiguity between two actions that are completely incompatible with each other and inconsistent with the reality of the Puerto Ricans,” he said. “It prevents thousands of Puerto Ricans from expressing themselves through the formula they believe in,” he added.

Dalmau Santiago condemned the PPD’s withdrawal from the debate on the bill and the approval of Congressmen Raul Krizalva and Velasquez.

“We wrote letters, we made ourselves available, and in dark rooms they were preparing a plan to exclude the sentiments of the large number of Puerto Ricans,” Velasquez recalled in the past rejecting “discriminatory” status plans or the decision in favor of state status.

“You have to ask him if he has changed his mind,” he said. “By approving the draft, it falls into the same category as it condemned.”

Ptolemy Santiago rejected the ELA as representing a colonial relationship with the United States, saying the relationship was “what we want and protect.”

“Any attempt to bring the state through the kitchen, we are going to fight it,” he said.

“Do you think this is a colonial relationship?” He was asked.

He answered “no” amid court rulings that showed Puerto Rico was in fact subject to the full powers of Congress. “Now the United States, by its vote, in other words, told the United Nations that the Commonwealth is not a colonial relationship, that it is another matter of debate, would be a lie to the world,” he said.

“I’m in favor of ELA, I’m always said it, I’m not hiding it. This plan excludes people who think differently and disrespect the Puerto Ricans,” he said.

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