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Diaspora groups applaud the rejection of a pro-state plan in Congress

Diaspora groups applaud the rejection of a pro-state plan in Congress

Washington DC. – Puerto Rican Diaspora organizations today have confirmed that it is important to reject it. Congress The only alternative to Puerto Rico is the American plan State.

But they pointed out that the draft law proposing a referendum between state status, independence and the Independent Association should be amended to ensure more comprehensive and transparent transition processes.

In a statement, the groups, led by Power4PuertoRico, demanded that the public hearing in Puerto Rico in June be held in Spanish.

“With the sovereignty of Puerto Rico still in the hands of the 535 members of the United States Congress, it is now clearer than ever that the island should have the freedom to determine its future.” Power4PuertoRico, Chicago’s Puerto Rican Cultural Center, Open Society Policy Center (OSPC), United Borigo in Diaspora (BUDPR), Alliance for Progress and former mayor of San Juan Carmen Yulin Cruz Soto.

Steny Hoyer (Maryland), Democratic majority leader in the Federal House of Representatives, today introduced a bill proposing a November 2023 referendum on a bond between state status, independence and the Independent Association.

“The aim is to put an end to colonialism,” Hoare told a news conference with supporters of two bills introduced at this session of Congress on the political situation in Puerto Rico.

The diaspora organizations reaffirmed that it would have been ideal to begin the process with the Constituent Assembly, and that too has gone awry. But they think federal lawmakers have time to fix the draft, which was released on Thursday.

Speaking about the process of change, they pointed out how federal tax laws should be applied, clearly defining the official language of the courts, schools and public government functions, the international sports representation of Puerto Rico, and “future U.S. citizenship.” Requirements. “

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“Congress must accept that the control language of the ballot is Spanish, and the island’s laws and courts are the final arbiter of this referendum,” they pointed out.

They also noted the importance of referring to the 1920 “Any change in current restrictions on maritime and air traffic, including the Jones Act”, including the Federal Cabotage Regulations.