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Juan Orlando has to prove he doesn't have the funds

Juan Orlando has to prove he doesn't have the funds

During today's hearing with Former President Juan Orlando HernandezJudge Kevin Castell He agreed to add an additional lawyer to the former president's legal team if he could demonstrate that he did not have the necessary financial resources.

At the hearing, the judge announced, “Mr. Stabile will be appointed as additional counsel for Mr. Hernandez.” Initial reports suggest that Attorney Stabile is part of a pro-life law firm dedicated to the cases of people with limited economic resources.

About the new lawyer, the agency's journalist Matthew Lee Inner City Press Juan Orlando Hernandez clarified that he must prove his lack of evidence before February 12, the new date scheduled for trial.

“Appointment to the CJA attorney stable is contingent upon JOH completing a financial affidavit under oath and proving that he is eligible for free or publicly funded counsel,” Lee said.

Lawyers have already participated in the ongoing defense of Juan Orlando Hernandez Raymond Colon And Sabrina ShroffAbsent from trial due to professional commitments in France.

Although the former president's family raised funds on the GoFundMe site to cover legal costs, the campaign was canceled by the platform due to third-party decisions.

The pleas will be entered this Friday, January 26, before Judge Kevin Castel, who adjourned the hearing to February 12 at 10:00 a.m. local time. NY.

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