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US suspends military exercises in Georgia in response to Foreign Agents Act

US suspends military exercises in Georgia in response to Foreign Agents Act

The US announced this Friday that it would postpone some indefinitely Military exercises Scheduled for the end of July Georgia as part of a reassessment of their bilateral relationship after the country passed a controversial foreign agents law similar to that in Russia.

The US Department of Defense has indicated that this decision is due False accusations Amid a series of actions by Georgia’s Prime Minister, Irakli Kobazhitse, who represented a “democratic backlash” by the Georgian government against the US and other Western countries.

“The US government has determined that this is an inappropriate time to conduct large-scale military exercises in Georgia,” the department said in a statement, adding that the decision was “not taken lightly.”

The military exercise called ‘Noble Partner’ was scheduled to start on July 25 and continue till August 6. According to the US military, the maneuvers are carried out jointly with the Georgian armed forces at the Vasiani and Norio training grounds near the capital Tbilisi.

Georgia has faced months of protests over approving the so-called ‘foreign agents law’, similar to a Russian law that persecutes critics of the Moscow government. According to critical voices, this regulation distances the country from the path of joining the European Union.

Salome Sourabishvili (EFE)

The Georgian Defense Ministry expressed regret at the Pentagon’s decision: “Over the past decades, partnership relations between the two countries have been developed based on the common interests and objectives of both countries,” the Georgian Defense Ministry said in a statement. The result was “regrettable”.

According to the military organization, “These exercises will benefit Georgia and the United States and all other participating partners, Improving the adaptability of the armed forces and the capabilities and professionalism of the military by enhancing defense capabilities.

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The defense added that preparations for international exercises would continue “Active Spirit” It is planned for next year.

In turn, the Georgian President, Salome Zurabishvili, in open opposition to the Georgian Dream Party government, accused the authorities of “jeopardizing the strategic partnership” with the United States and compromising the Georgian military’s “NATO banners”. ”, necessary for Georgia’s entry into the alliance.

(with information from EP and EFE)