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The delivery woman defended a customer's order and discovered she had received a $ 8 tip.

The delivery woman defended a customer’s order and discovered she had received a $ 8 tip.

A video of a New York delivery woman in the United States refusing to give birth has been circulating on social media. Your order to a customer After he felt unhappy about the note he left her. In the pictures recorded on the security camera, the conversation that the person had with the driver is heard after she stays in the doorway. To your home after arriving with your food.

“Can I talk to you?”Asked the woman working on the Tordash platform. “I guess you do not understand where I came from, so I need to talk to you”. According to the delivery woman, he drove for about 40 minutes. At the time, the man replied that the place he had ordered was 15 or 20 minutes away in the car, which the woman refused because it was “12 and a half miles away”.

“I think you do not realize how far this is.”Said the worker. The person asked why she took the order if the place was so far away, but she replied that the app would not tell her how far she had to go. Take an order.

“I think you need to adjust to get your tip right”Said the woman. “what happened?“, The customer replied, which unleashed the worker’s anger. “I will bring food”He responded when he bought the order and left the place. The clip, which was uploaded to YouTube, was viewed 800,000 times, went viral and sparked controversy among users.

A delivery woman defends a customer’s order after discovering she received $ 8 tips

“As a Door Dash Driver, the $ 8 tip is good money! I can not believe he sent the food back ”; “This lady never worked for tips. Eight dollars is a ‘home run’;” Drivers know mileage, payment, order, delivery address … everything before delivery. It is up to you whether you accept it or not ”; “Is $ 8 not enough? This is more than I received. ” There were some reactions.

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In the middle Glass A company spokesman was quoted as saying: “We take the security of our community very seriously and such inappropriate behavior will never be tolerated on the DoorDash platform.” “This is the basis for disabling any behavior that violates the Zero Tolerance Policy, and the relevant Tasher has been removed from our site.”

“We are in touch with the customer to provide support We sincerely regret that this incident was not an experience we try to deliver every day. “

According to the website retailminded.comDeliveries can lead a customer to plan their day around, so providing time for delivery can ensure that customers are happy with their experience and buy back from you. In e-commerce, fame is everything.