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Curriculum innovation, one of the axes of the exact sciences

Curriculum innovation, one of the axes of the exact sciences

– What are your expectations in this second term?

To advance projects that fall within the management guidelines, initially proposed in 2017, which have been modified and enriched with the participation of all members of the faculty community. We will deepen the work on the different axes that make the institutional management of the academic unit, in terms of undergraduate and graduate teaching, research and the relationship with the environment. The college has a strategic plan that is widely discussed in all areas and approved by the Board of Directors in 2019. It is a very valuable institutional management tool, as it has been developed with the participation of all the representatives of the different monasteries of the monasteries. The faculty gives the guidelines and directives of the department. Expectations are many, in order to maintain and enhance the quality of teaching at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and to promote interdependence through various institutional mechanisms that allow socialization and transfer of academic and scientific knowledge that is created to different sectors, public and private.

Are you satisfied with the academic offer of the college or are you planning to incorporate some kind of career?

We are always working to strengthen and continuously improve current academic proposals. The college has been in operation since 2018 and the process of reviewing and updating the 15 study plans for dictated undergraduate and graduate courses is nearing completion, considering the provision of innovative training spaces, taking into account the current requirements of the city and region. With regard to postgraduate studies, last week three higher degrees were submitted for external evaluation by Coneau (National Committee for University Assessment and Accreditation), as we did last year with three other majors. In this way, curriculum updates for the current view are always subject to revision, which does not mean that we are considering the idea of ​​adding other proposals. Institutional approval of HCT in Hygiene and Safety is pending, the Curriculum Matrix that was introduced for treatment at the Board of Directors in late 2019 that has been put on hold due to the pandemic. Likewise, with regard to postgraduate studies, we intend to advance into a type of profession with a more professional profile. We have a long-term offer with an academic profile and work with college departments to develop further proposals, diplomas, majors or masters with a more professional profile.

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– What do you think about the abandonment of students?

– This problem is common to all institutions of higher education and requires a comprehensive approach as a general policy at the state level. I believe we have the obligation and responsibility to ensure that retention rates are improved, taking into account the peculiarities of the disciplines taught by each college. In the case of Exactas, we always update the indicators that reveal this reality to us and try to evaluate the variables that affect it. Basically, everything related to dropout and tardiness is flagged in the first and second year of study. The college is working on various projects that have been framed in an academic program that illustrates and highlights the discussion of this issue and seeks to achieve this progress with different alternatives, such as organizing extracurricular spaces and proposals that are transversal to the training discipline, improving inclusion and adapting to the university world; We also have the Peer Education Project, which plays an important role in accompanying students from entry and throughout the first year of study. Likewise, we are working on departmental development plans to be able to discover some situations that merit special action in relation to our faculty and academic organisation. At the same time, there are proposals related to enhancing graduation, such as courses for thesis structures and scholarly writings, as many of our jobs require the completion of a graduate thesis. In short, it is an issue that concerns us and we must occupy ourselves to achieve improvement.

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Dean Marisa Rovera said: “The exact and natural sciences make it possible to explain the phenomena of everyday life and this awakens additional motivation for students who choose this kind of profession.”

– In recent months they have integrated the equipment, how important is the presence of technology to the faculty?

-It’s very important. For faculty, this is a valuable technical capital because it focuses on undergraduate and postgraduate training, scientific production, and the transition to the environment. The concept we adhere to is that the substantive functions of the university have to do with the formulation of all those processes that constitute the generation and transmission of academic and scientific-technological knowledge. Having first-generation equipment in our offices and at the service of the university and society at large fills us with pride and opens up prospects for innovation and growth in all areas.

What is the value of students who choose an Exactas career?

Students who choose any of the college’s undergraduate careers appreciate the comprehensive training they receive, which includes not only quality specific disciplinary training, but also other training activities such as community social practices, professional practices, and internships, among others. They have the opportunity to develop experimental practices and field trips with advanced technological equipment and tools. Another aspect they value is the close connection with the teaching teams. Exact and natural sciences make it possible to explain the phenomena of everyday life and this awakens additional motivation for students who choose this type of profession.

– What are the positions of faculty members?

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There are 15 undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and 7 undergraduate degrees.

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