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Cubans were surprised by a van with North Carolina license plates in Havana

Cubans were surprised by a van with North Carolina license plates in Havana

A Cuban man posted photos of a van with license plates from the state of North Carolina in the United States on his social media and surprised many.

“With a license plate from North Carolina in Havana, the blockade is screwed, gentlemen,” tweeted a netizen “Ed but not Sheeran.”

In the photos posted on the tweet, a yellow Toyota Tacoma truck with US license plates on the back of the car can be seen parked at the entrance to the ExpoCuba exhibition grounds.

Dozens of Internet users wondered where the hackneyed argument for a “blockade” to allow the regime to acquire American trucks ended.

“The embargo only works for exotic luxuries like medicine and food, while for basic necessities like the Tacoma game, it’s allowed,” said one commentator.

They introduced several theories, in which they claimed that the car was bought in the United States by government officials and others, and that it was a foreign businessman.

Twitter catch / Ed but not Sheeran

“They go to Karota, those cars are sure to get stolen from here. That’s why the people there don’t mind falling over,” commented another.

However, its presence may be due to some car show at ExpoCuba, where the event is currently taking place. Local Development FairThe reason for the presence of the American vehicle is still unknown

In June, Cubans were also surprised by a luxury Chevy Camaro Red It spread through the streets of Holguin.

Many wondered on the networks how such a car got into Cuba and what its owner had to do to get it.

In recent months, a Cuban citizen was reported to have made the payment 43,000 MLC for Toyota Yaris 2009, owned by CIMEX Corporation, purchased at the only agency in the country authorized to sell cars in freely convertible currency.

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