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Cuban smashes shop windows in Matanzas

Cuban smashes shop windows in Matanzas

CubitaNOW Editorial ~ Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Cuban threw rocks at the windows of a supposedly government store in Matanzas province.

According to initial reports that reached social media, the incident occurred in the municipality of Cardenas.

User Ernesto Sanchez echoed the images in the afternoon hours of Monday in which the person can be seen throwing stones at the windows of the supposedly state institution.

“A man in Cárdenas, Matanzas province, with a clean stone against the MLC store,” is read, along with audio-visual material of a few seconds that was shared in cyberspace minutes ago.

According to reports, the events took place this weekend, although the man’s identity and the reasons that prompted him to do so are unknown.

The truth is that if there is one thing that cannot be denied, it is that discontent has gripped many Cubans, and desperation may drive them to commit acts of this kind.

Last August, for example, at least two Cubans were arrested in eastern Holguin province on charges of stoning a store and a bank.

The people have been identified as Francisco Agustin Fuentes Norris and Ramon David Arroche, the latter apparently a minor.

A note shared on the Facebook page “Cazador-Cazado,” a space associated with the regime, said the event occurred on August 12 in Rafael Freire, a municipality in Holguin.

According to the report, both people were under the influence of alcohol at the time of throwing stones at state institutions.

“Bricks for glass,” is the title of the memo on this page, which exploits every complaint to try to clean up the image of the regime and its repressive body: the police.

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This time, they commented that a few hours after the two people threw stones, they were arrested.

They say: “Not 12 hours have passed and these two criminals have already been pursued,” while they say that Ramon David Arroche is “a young man to commit the crime, but he seems to have exaggerated his actions to commit it,” stressing that he could be younger.

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