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The doctor threatens to completely close the borders due to the conflict over the Massacre River  Momento.net

The doctor threatens to completely close the borders due to the conflict over the Massacre River Momento.net

Santo Domingo: The Dominican government has decided to maintain a complete closure of the border across Dajabon until the Haitian government “responds” to the construction of a canal on the Haitian side to divert water from the River of Carnage that divides the two countries. This was reported on Monday by Homero Figueroa, presidential spokesman and director of government strategy and communications.

He said that if the dispute is not resolved by Thursday, the Dominican Republic will completely close its borders to land, sea and air trade.

These decisions came during a meeting between President Louis Abi Nader and the National Security Council, based on the situation resulting from the resumption of the construction of a canal carried out by Haitian individuals, with the aim of diverting the waters of the massacre or the Dajabon River. .

Speaking at the end of the meeting, Figueroa offered to hold an urgent press conference to announce the results of the meeting.

Visas have been suspended

He reported that the aforementioned council stopped the entry of those involved in the conflict into Dominican territory and stopped issuing entry visas to Haitian citizens until further notice.

The construction of the dam will begin

Likewise, construction of the Don Miguel Dam project will begin as a final long-term solution.

Finally, he stated that a bilateral meeting of the bilateral national water table would be requested with the aim of agreeing on a final solution.

Alongside the Head of State were Presidential Ministers Joel Santos. Administrative and Financial Officer of the Presidency, José Ignacio Paleza; Interior and Police, Jesús Vázquez and External Relations, Roberto Alvarez, among other senior officials.

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The National Security Council is an advisory body created on February 12, 2021 for the purpose of advising the executive branch on policy issues and national security and defense strategies.

According to the government, information provided by the diplomatic community and government investigative bodies indicates that the canal works are being carried out by individuals and that its promoters are businessmen and politicians seeking to secure water for commercial purposes.

He said that the Haitian authorities confirm that they do not support or participate in the project, and also acknowledge that they do not have the ability to resolve internal conflicts, due to the loss of the monopoly of state power at the hands of criminal organizations.

The National Executive confirmed that this plan violates Article 10 of the Treaty of Peace, Friendship and Arbitration between the two neighboring regions and is being promoted by Haitian agents with the intention of harming their government and provoking a bilateral conflict.