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Sonora Police find a man on the street and change his life

Sonora Police find a man on the street and change his life

Sonora Police find a man on the street and change his life. Photo: video capture TikTok via spsonora.

The Sonora State Public Security Police shared a recording on their TikTok account in which you can see the good deed their agents did when helping a man in a street situation.

According to the publication, the police found the subject between the municipalities of Carbo and Benjamin Hill, which are located in the desert region of the state. In the photos they shared, the uniformed men can be seen sitting on the train tracks with the man, who was walking barefoot.

In the recording, they explained that the police invited him to eat, but first he wanted to take a shower, then they took him to cut his hair, then they bought him clothes and shoes and finally they invited him to eat.

They also indicated that the police officers offered him to pay for a ticket in order to be able to reach the municipality of Caborca, which is about 134 kilometers away.

The post prompted comments such as: “These officers are the ones we want, may God bless them,” “that there are more officers like these,” “that we always sympathize with our brothers who have nothing and need the love of humanity,” “a kind gesture from Police, may God protect them and fill them with blessings “,” That there are good police, there, thank you for helping this person “,” God always bless the officers of Hermosillo, Sonora, they are good people, they helped me too “.

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The state government echoed the good deed of the uniformed officers and also shared it on TikTok where they noted: “Everyone has a story to tell and we have a way we can support,” then noted: “We thank our personnel for the solidarity with which they work every day,” and finally explained that Kapurka It is the birthplace of man.

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