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Cuban says how much she earns working as a nurse in the US

Cuban says how much she earns working as a nurse in the US

A Cuban resident in the US revealed to his network how much he earns a year working as a nurse in a hospital.

The young woman identified as above spoke about her experience in Orlando, where she earns between $30,000 and $40,000 a year, although there are those who earn more.

“It depends on the hospital you work for, the bonus they give, the experience you have. There are many differences,” he emphasized.

The Cuban woman was with a colleague, nurses who work in other institutions such as nursing homes or plasma banks earn more but lose their professional skills.

In recent times, Cuban immigrants have shared their global experiences of working in the United States in networks, including the salaries they receive.

Last week, a young man Cuba joined the army and explained to his disciples what he was paid as a soldierAs many people asked him about the US Army’s pay for its troops.

Alex Arias Díaz showed a table with the salary scale of the military, depending on their rank and years of service.

In his case, a soldier classified in the grade of E-2, his salary was $2,149.20 per month. Taxes are deducted from that number, which is 1,900 or more.

Additionally, you have other fill-ins depending on other circumstances, such as whether you have children, are married, live on a military base, are deployed, or are skydiving.

According to Arias Díaz, regardless of branch (infantry, navy, etc.), US military personnel receive the same salary. Distinctions are marked by seniority, study, expertise or military rank.

“It’s public, you can consult it online. Most anything you want to know about the military in the United States you can consult it online, it’s public information,” he clarified.

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