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Cuban says he was cheated at a hotel in Cayo Largo

Cuban says he was cheated at a hotel in Cayo Largo

CubitaNOW write ~ Tuesday August 15, 2023

“Don’t come,” were the words of a Cuban man who paid 180,000 pesos to spend a few days in a hotel in Cayo Largo and ended up feeling cheated.

As he explains, the conditions of the place were poor, from the food to the condition of the pool, which prompted him to complain to the hotel management.

“I’m at Hotel Cayo Largo on Juventud Island. We booked it in Habana Libre and it cost 180,000 Cuban pesos for five people. We got here and there was no food,” the man said.

“Everything was wrong and even the moldy swimming pool. I have videos and pictures of everything that happened. The manager said they would give us our money back the day before we left, but later said they wouldn’t give us anything,” he said.

However, it was nothing more than an administrative trick to buy time. “They stole 180,000 pesos from us because we didn’t consume or do anything,” he said.

“This is a sign that this country is a thousand year ping. Everything they tell you is a lie, everything is an age,” he said.

Just this Monday, the Cubita NOW newsroom shared a similar complaint filed by Cuban reggaeton singer Jorge Jr.

“The buffet table left a lot to be desired and many things that make this hotel stop being 5 stars, yes, it’s a beautiful beach and pool, but what I’m talking about goes beyond immersion,” said the entertainer. Melia International Hotel in Varadero.

“If I had to work one day, I would go without a problem, but from there I would stay to have a good stay, believe me, I would not choose this hotel, with great respect to those who know about hotels and tourism, consider removing a star because it is a 5 star, It just bears the name.”

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