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Cuban denounces the sale of water for fuel at the Matanzas Service Center

Cuban denounces the sale of water for fuel at the Matanzas Service Center

Kobe denounced being defrauded at the beginning of this week in Service center pine treesin the main municipality the killAfter they sold him some 20 liters of regular gasoline Mixed with so much water that his motorbike can’t resist.

On 6/26/2023 I was assigned a ticket To have my car (engine) fueled at the Los Pinos Service Center, which is a shift to get to, I made a virtual queue of about a thousand people, but I was just as happy, because I hadn’t had access to fuel for months,” he wrote in a group post. Facebook The fraud victim, known as Sandro García, is at the start of an extensive publication.

He says he had barely gone 20 meters when his engine began to fail so badly that it could no longer run. After considering various possible problems such as spark plug, engine, carburetor, power failure, etc… he had no choice but to drive his car to the mechanic’s house, who determined that the gasoline had mixed with the water to a certain shape. pedigree.

Annoyed, the citizen did not hesitate to go to the service center where he supposedly sold the petrol, a place where an unusual explanation for what had happened and an even more surprising solution were found.

(Facebook screenshot / Sandro García)

When he arrived, he found two workers, one of whom was a shift manager, who only asked him to calm down and come back the next day to see the manager and he would answer him.

“Because of thunder, they couldn’t sell me B83 and they couldn’t sell me regularly because it was contaminated. Of course, this seemed like a way to prolong the problem and, of all of them, find a quiet solution in the face of an obvious scam attempt.”Select Garcia.

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When asked for clarifications about He answered why there was water in the petrol they handed out That there was a big hole – a photo of which was attached by the injured person – and that every time it rained, that water got into the fuel tankwhich he indicated the official knew, and argued that he had informed the government.

And I wonder: Why don’t we fix that ‘hole’ that pollutes the fuel every time it rains, and is the only customer affected? Why, given the obvious existence of the game, as soon as it rains, it doesn’t stop sending out the obviously polluted gasoline, and of course it doesn’t conform to the standards set For the correct operation of the vehicle?”, he asked.

The alleged crater responsible for diluted benzene (Facebook Capture / Sandro García)

On this last question, The shift manager told me that they had a water in fuel limit of 10 liters of water at X the amount of fuel, and that at the time I added the limit it was 8.5 liters of water Thus, she can send me petrol because that is what has been established.”

“Imagine that with an 8.5 the engine will not start, if it is in 10 liters of water, take it out of the engine tank, cool it and drink it, for sure it has better characteristics than a Ciego Montero. What a joke,” said Sandro Garcia.

calculate it Desperate by the shift manager to finish the process, he offers her 500 pesos out of his own pocket and tells her “Later you will see how you will resolve”.

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“Of course I refused him, I don’t want his money, I want the petrol” I said to him, I want an answer from the management of Cupet Los Pinos, because it is not normal for you to return me 500 pesos. , that I run out of fuel after I do a huge virtual queue, and it’s all so surreal, and it’s all so weird. And in the end, I had to leave CUPET without a drop of fuel, with a missed shift, with a lot of stress, and signed up again in a very large waiting room and after experiencing an obvious episode of “attempted fraud”.

The victim insists he wants a solution from CIMEX’s branch the kill and that relevant actions are taken, which does not allow the customer to always be the aggrieved party.

And he concluded by saying: “Do not allow the customer at the end of the day to face another problem in his life, and do not allow our rights as customers to be violated again and again, that is enough,” but not before warning those who have their turn soon in this service center, to be very alert because “ As long as the same problems persist, the same problems will certainly continue.”

Dozens of netizens were outraged by what happened and reported that they had been victims of similar experiences.

Meanwhile, the local Gazette newspaper 26Last June 25, published excited condition Entitled “Admission Breeds in Matanzas Variant of Fuel Sale”, in which he cited as an example the proper functioning of the ticketing platform, specifically the aforementioned service center.

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In recent months, many Cubans have reported similar scam attempts.

In March, the popular actor Marlon Begoun denounced the sale of gasoline mixed with water At the founding of the Cuban Petroleo Consortium (CUPET) in Havana. In this case, the charismatic “Isidoro” has a sense of humor Live the story Share a photo of a gallon It was quite clear that there were two liquids involved: water and gasoline.