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Marzhe Ponce even shows tonsils supporting Flock of Liga MX

Marzhe Ponce even shows tonsils supporting Flock of Liga MX

Marzi Ponce, a Michoacan fitness model and a rebellious follower of the Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara, showed all her emotions and happiness for the fantastic start to the season that her flock had in the Clausura 2022 of the MX League, because after the victory over Juarez FC celebrated with a hot postcard that left little to the imagination.

Although he was unable to watch the match, Marzi asked for details of the match in which Chivas came from behind from 1-0 against Fronterizos, scored a 1-3 win and reached 7 points in the championship.

Marcela posted on one of her alternate Instagram accounts: “Review today’s game please, I was on the way and didn’t know anything.”

The message did not come to her fans alone, as the bold model left a small video clip in which she appeared in a Chivas shirt and cheeky shorts in which she revealed a large part of her massive and round bokeh, causing her to rave. Fans who are delighted with the photo.

In addition to this video, Marzi left another photo with Chivas shirt on another of his accounts, where he showed his great love for the most popular team in Mexican football.

Who is Marza Ponce?

Marcela Lilina Ponce de León is one of the most ardent fans of Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara, as Michoacan has thousands of fans captivated Flock with bold postcards where she shows off her understated curves in flirtatious costumes that leave very little to the imagination, with provocative postures limiting censorship .

Marzie is the most flirtatious and she has shown this in every one of her shots, as without any hesitation she proudly appears as a result of the hard workouts she undergoes, flaunting her amazing body and motivating her followers to wear this style.

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