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China admitted that the barrier it established in the South Sea no longer exists, but it refuses to acknowledge that the Philippines cut it

China admitted that the barrier it established in the South Sea no longer exists, but it refuses to acknowledge that the Philippines cut it

A photo provided by the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) shows Chinese Coast Guard vessels patrolling alongside a floating barrier near Scarborough Shoal in the disputed South China Sea on September 20, 2023 (released September 25, 2023). EFE/EPA/HO Handbook

System China insists it has removed the floating barrier in the South China Sea In an effort to restore “regular control” over the region, after an incident that increased tension therein Filipino About the disputed atoll Scarborough.

“The official vessel of the Philippine Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources illegally entered the waters near China’s Huangyan Island without the approval of the Chinese government.” He said Gan YuA Chinese Coast Guard spokesman said late Wednesday, using the Chinese name Scarborough.

Gan Yu continued to explain the Beijing regime’s decision, explaining this “(China) temporarily deployed jamming nets in response to the Philippine ship’s intrusion into the lake, and then took the initiative to restore jamming facilities and resume normal control on September 23.”.

Gan’s comments contradict the account of the Philippines, which on Monday showed a video and announced a “special operation” to remove a 300-meter cordon erected by China in front of the sandbar. He also claimed that Beijing removed the remains of the barrier the next day. According to Gan, the removal of the barrier was a “complete fabrication of facts” by the Philippines and she accused the country of staging a “self-created and directed drama.”

The Coast Guard said that the barrier erected near Scarborough Atoll poses a danger to navigation and makes fishing difficult.

China also expressed its determination to continue activities in the waters and “firmly maintain China’s sovereignty and maritime rights” in the South China Sea region.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang WenbinHe reiterated China’s position that Scarborough is Chinese territory and that Beijing will always defend its sovereignty and maritime interests in the region. Wang dismissed the Philippine action as a “farce for entertainment.”

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The Scarborough Shoal is located about 220 kilometers from the Philippines and about 900 kilometers from China, and has been the subject of dispute for years. China has historically claimed the island as part of its ancestral territory since the 13th century The Philippines says the bank is part of its exclusive economic zone under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

The international court ruled in 2016 against Beijing’s claims to most of the so-called South China Sea, but the regime rejected the ruling. Despite the court’s decision, tensions continue in the region, fueled by the growing power struggle between the two parties China and the United States in the Indo-Pacific region.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin. Europe Press/Contact/Todd Lee

In recent years, China has blocked Filipino fishermen from reaching Scarborough, prompting the Philippines to take the case to the international court. Although Filipino fishermen were allowed to return to the region in 2016 after relations between the two countries improved, tensions rose again amid growing rivalry between the two countries. China and the United States In the region.

Beijing’s removal of the floating barrier represents an important development in conflicts in the region South China Sea It is a gesture that could ease tensions, although the situation in the region remains complex and sensitive.