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Cuban actor Miguel Malacay confirms he will never work with Alexis Valdes again

Cuban actor Miguel Malacay confirms he will never work with Alexis Valdes again

CubitaNOW write ~ Friday, April 28, 2023

Cuban actor Mijail Mulkay confirmed in a recent interview that he would never work with director and comedian Alexis Valdés.

In a conversation with fellow actor Roberto San Martín and his wife, Spanish photographer Alicia Barrera, on the La Familia Pérez podcast, Mulkay refused to enter into the controversy and threw it as a joke.

However, he has stepped aside to make it clear that he does not plan to work with Valdes again and has insisted that this is very clear to him.

“I will tell the truth, I never talked about this,” the actor warned. “I don’t work for Alexis anymore because they pay me too much. I even asked him to cut my salary.”

Then they asked him if he would go back to Valdes’ business if he raised his salary and his response was swift and forceful.

“I’ll never work with Alexis Valdés again, I answer that question no joke, I’ll never work with Alexis Valdés again… I’m not interested. It’s a late stage in my career. I’ve never made a score, and it won’t be This is the class I’m going to repeat.”

It appears that Valdes has not escaped controversy. The day before, the actor broke the silence and referred to the statements of actor Vladimir Escudero.

According to him, he is not and will never be involved in the kind of “filth” and “gossip” that spreads on social networks.

For his part, Escudero denounced that he had been “expelled” for “his visit to the Alexandre Otaola program”, to which Valdés responded.

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The director stated, “Our team has never removed an actor from our productions.” “What they say is a crude and insidious lie. Quite the opposite. One of the actors decided to finish (for reasons I respect—he’s no longer one to give way to lies and dirty plays—) and it was the production and the theatre, which he asked to give us the fifteen days, which an actor usually gives to perform, To allow time to find a replacement and only two performances (two Fridays) left to finish the season of the play. This is the truth. It can be verified. That which all actors and all working in the theatre know. Not the cheap and destructive resonance which the villains manage.”

In a recent interview, Escudero commented that last week he received several messages from Alexis Valdés and his wife Claudia “questioning” about their participation in the “El mañanero” show hosted by influencer Otaola, where he went to “promote my company Pichy Films and my character Rafael Serrano and the play I was doing for four months.”

He claims Alexis referred to him as a coward and told him he had “no balls”.

“People who work in the media should know that there is a code of ethics for communication. And the first commitment is with the truth. I repeat. Our company has never fired an actor. Never. In ten years of business. It’s real. It’s worth seeing how those who don’t take risks By creating anything they dedicate their efforts to trying to discredit the work of those who, if they believe, and if they act, are trying to bring wholesome, quality entertainment to the public. This is the disappointing part of networks giving voice to people who subsequently used it in the worst way. Unscrupulous people who do everything Something for ego and money. There is no interest in communication, truth, or true patriotism, everything is aimed at manipulation to obtain money and power, ”considered the comedian.

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