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Cuba and Brazil agree on projects in the fields of science, technology and pharmaceuticals

Cuba and Brazil agree on projects in the fields of science, technology and pharmaceuticals

The Brazilian authorities announced last Friday in Cuba that they would implement agreements with this Caribbean island. The joint projects will address the science, technology and pharmaceutical sectors. Ms. Nicia Trinidad, Brazilian Minister of Health, stated that one of the goals is research into vaccines and medicines. The diseases that will be treated with the products resulting from the innovations are Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes.

Minister Trinidad said that in 2002, the two countries opened integrated work with medical personnel. However, in 2019, former President Jair Bolsonaro canceled this project and it is currently scheduled to resume.

The exchange between the two countries in the field of medicine will be organized by a committee that will decide the steps to be followed. Necia added that these Latin American cities would benefit from the bilateral work, but did not specify an investment figure.

The Brazilian territory could benefit from the human talents of the largest island of the Antilles. While the Cuban archipelago will benefit from industrial development in Brazil.

Another exchange initiative

Luciana Santos is another Brazilian minister and this woman talks about science and technology. The head of this branch proposed training Cuban specialists in the operations of the satellite surveillance system.

The southern nation has experience in this issue, which makes it possible to prevent tragic events due to natural phenomena. Moreover, the potential of these studies helps in agricultural business.

Ms. Trinidad and Ms. Santos are part of the South American delegation, along with President Lula, at the G77 plus China summit. Cuba holds the presidency of this organization for a period, and the meeting was held in its capital with international leaders. The event dates are planned for Friday, September 15 and Saturday, September 16 this year.

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