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Crisis in Guatemala: Thousands of people blocked roads in rejection of the actions of the Attorney General’s Office against the electoral process

Crisis in Guatemala: Thousands of people blocked roads in rejection of the actions of the Attorney General’s Office against the electoral process

People block a highway to demand the resignation of Prosecutor Consuelo Porras and Prosecutor Rafael Corochici in Guatemala City (AP Photo/Moisés Castillo)

Thousands of people blocked several roads in Guatemala on Monday in protest against the actions of the Attorney General’s Office, which over the weekend seized the records that registered the passage of the second round of elections. Bernardo Arevalo de LeonWho finally won the presidency in a runoff.

The demonstrations continue Particularly intense in the province of Totonicapan.

Part of the Atlantic Highway was blocked by protesters. Many closures are expected throughout the day on the main arteries entering and exiting the cities, which is why the authorities have installed a strong police force to ensure the safety of residents.

Indigenous people and peasants declare a national strike in response to the Public Prosecution’s attack on the electoral process Which also included raids, audits of votes, arrest warrants, and requests to lift the immunity of election judges.

Officials from the Guatemalan Attorney General’s Office review boxes containing recent election votes in Guatemala City (EFE/ Esteban Biba)

Elissar AranaThe indigenous body of the Xinka Parliament told the agency AP That in the country “a coup is taking place, which is a blow to democracy and the rule of law affecting communities across the country.”

Arana – one of the indigenous authorities who called for the national protest – confirmed that the demonstrations will continue until there is a response to his request for the resignation of the Attorney General. Consuelo Borras And that the Constitutional Court decide on petitions submitted to put an end to the “arbitrary actions” committed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Indigenous people and peasants announced a national strike in the face of the attack launched by the Attorney General’s Office against the electoral process (AP Photo/Moisés Castillo)

“The Constitutional Court can contain everything that is happening and restore peace to us so that we can wait calmly until the new elected authorities take office,” Arana said.

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He added that “Guatemala has always been an oppressive state for indigenous peoples.”“But now the matter has become more complicated. They are tightening the situation so much that we are living in a state of insecurity, without democracy.”

On Saturday, after a raid, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, accompanied by at least 100 police officers, Thousands of minutes containing the results of the first electoral round were stolen 22 political parties competed for more than 4,000 public positions.

The transcript was broadcast live by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) and it was possible to observe how the police and members of the Public Prosecutor’s Office pushed and insulted the electoral judges who were trying to prevent the taking of the records. The Constitutional Law on Elections and Political Parties grants only the Supreme Electoral Court the right of guardianship and custody of electoral materials.

The international community, Organization of American States (OAS)Businessmen, students, professionals, religious people, and trade unionists expressed their rejection of the Public Prosecution’s procedures.

Bernardo Arevalo de León denounced that a “coup” against his office was still underway after voting records were seized during a raid at the Supreme Electoral Court (Fernando Choy/Zuma Press/ContactoPhoto)

arevalo de leónwho is already official as the winner of the election and He must take office on January 14, 2024He denounced that Prosecutor Borras was leading a coup to prevent him from taking office. The Public Prosecutor’s Office denied these accusations.

With the Vice President-elect. Karen HerreraThe day before, they called on citizens to take to the streets to protest the “coup.”

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The Public Prosecution Office has more than 15 complaints against the electoral process and the Similla movement that brought Arevalo to the presidency, and which accelerated with his victory in the presidency.

Boras, as well as the prosecutor Rafael Corochici And the judge Freddy Orellana -which accumulate complaints against the electoral process- Sanctions were imposed by the US government On charges of obstructing the fight against corruption, undermining democracy in Guatemala, and issuing judicial decisions for political purposes.

(With information from the Associated Press and Europa Press)