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Three reasons why you should never put bread in the refrigerator

Three reasons why you should never put bread in the refrigerator

he bread It is a staple food in the diet of millions of people around the world. that is great A source of carbohydrates, protein and fibre Which can be enjoyed in many ways. It is worth noting that They must be kept fresh so that they taste good longer. Moreover, many people think so The best way to preserve them is through the cold This could be in Complete errorAnd there’s a very clear reason.

Why is bread not placed in the refrigerator?

The reasons that prevent you from keeping bread inside this device are:


Unfortunately he lost Opposite effect And it gets more difficult. The main reason is that the starches in the crumb crystallize again, making the bread harder and losing its flavour.


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Once placed in the refrigerator, so will the baking. You will lose moisture Which he is accustomed to, that is, this will put him Cool and dryAnd that’s precisely why you shouldn’t get involved either.

Absorbs odors

One reason it is not recommended to put bread in the freezer is that it tends to absorb moisture. Odors of other foods This is because it is more porous, so it will be easier to absorb the odors of other foods.

Having said that, we should actually say it Bread doesn’t need much to stay freshbecause it may be much easier to keep it in that state when Store it in a dry, dark cupboard or drawer. You can wrap the bread in plastic and place a paper towel over it to absorb moisture.

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